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Nope, Cap takes a seat behind Superman, the original hero and icon, and Spiderman, an odd and unusual story, but an insanely popular character and a great hero, but Cap has to take 3rd, just above Bats and WW.

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Cap takes all because he can.

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Captain might not be the greatest but is definitely the bravest.

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If you think he is. It depends what you want in a Superhero, and if Captain America offers that you, then yes he is. It's all subjective

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Cap is one of the greatest heroes, but I believe that the title of "Greatest Superhero" belongs to Superman.

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I love captain america as much as the next guy but I'm sorry didn't deadpool kill him...

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no superhero is the greatest. each hero has their weaknesses, galleries, villains, stories and strengths.

however cap is one of the greatest heros of all time.

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No, not at all.

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Cap is one of the greatest heroes, but I believe that the title of "Greatest Superhero" belongs to Superman.

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Captain America is a leader.

Batman has led as well... but, get's pissed off and runs and hides.

Cap has been the last man to be taken down many times... same as Batman.

Cap is a team player... Batman can play a great game of chess with superheros.

Batman is the natural leader of any team... Cap is the leader of "The Avengers"... they pulled him out of the ice!

Superman and Spider-man are great... but, they follow orders from men who have no real super powers.

Ironically, Cap was probably created to make a "super man soldier" because Superman wasn't going to get involved in WWII.

Captain America is the best.

He and Batman have helped lead a young boy to be the 55 year old man that I am now.

Cap isn't as moody as the Bats.

That makes him just a tad better.

This post contains more truth than the rest of the internet combined!

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It depends what you mean by "greatest," and what context, you're putting in. If we are talking about a hero known world-wide then it would be Superman. If we are talking about the "greatest," among comic book fans then that is debated, some of them might say Captain America, Batman, Wolverine or hell Iron man. If we are talking "greatest," superhero who shifted the way we see comics today then maybe Spiderman or Batman.

Personally he's okay but he's got nothing on Superman or Batman.

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No way in hell, and I want emphasize how. Other than the Avengers, whats Cap got going for him on a media conscious level and being a symbol for the go to superhero that is basically the sign for new characters to be introduced and eventually become big time themselves? Cap being the American ideal and Heroic apotheosis is pretty bold considering he's not the flagship mascot nor the lynchpin global comic icon equvilent to Superman. In fact, I believe he's boring and weak without having hype and a reputation amongst the Marvel U's acknowledgement of his oh so obviousness jesus superman parrellels, as a character he doesn't feel to me what he says he is.

There is only on core constant that Marvel ascends over all other heroes and treats as a golden boy, or rather their ultimate underdog. So no, compared to that certain character which I will not name but hint "spins a web, any size" audaciously.

He is more human than superman and more compassionate than Bats, but he's just there to be ass kissed by everyone because his powers, personality and overall coolness factor is boresville.

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I have to agree cap is the best. Not saying he's the most powerful or flashiest by any means but in the real world he'd be the one I would follow. He is basically as close as you get to jesus nowadays in a superhero lol. His morals are key to me and more people should look up to and envy him for these particular reasons. Cap(steve Rogers) will always be the best in my book.

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Nope...I will not say Captain America is best superhero ever

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no, batman is. but captain america is on the top 10.

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Technically, yeah.

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Damn right he is.

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LOL, no