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We're all gearing up for the next Marvel Studios movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

If you weren't excited for the movie before this, you have no excuse not to be now. You can get advanced tickets through Fandango.

What did you think?

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Pumped as ever for this movie. Cannot wait.

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I was sceptical when GSP was cast as Batroc but seeing the movie version of him in the clip, I think he's gonna be good. Overall the clip was awesome. Can't wait for the movie.

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Im pretty sure this movie will kick start the civil war storyline in the future!!!

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Can decide whats better this or Guardians

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Em that clip doesn't work

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you should put up a Youtube link, I wasnt able to watch the one thats on here

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GSP has the mustach twirling villiany done it appears.

Glad to see the overal smooth quality the action has none of this over editied garbage that passes for good by most people.

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Zee Leaper!

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This movie is gonna blow up.

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Looks great.

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So we continue the trend of releasing the whole movie in 4 minute clips like ASM2? Geez.

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Who would watch a 4 min trailer?

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Deciding against watching this, already pumped for this movie and just want to see the rest on the big screen

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@iaconpoint: Know what the solution is? Don't watch it

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So ready for a Black Widow solo movie.

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(Picks jaw up off the floor) This movie needs to come out NOW!!

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Lil bummed that Batroc doesn't have is bitchin' beard......

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Shouldn't Cap be drenched when he's on the ship?

This is an awesome clip regardless.

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Watch it. Its worth it. It dosn't give anything away but u get the style that they are presenting Cap in and u get to see Cap do some amazing moves.

That's my suggestion anyways.

I was already pumped as hell for this movie, Cap being one of my favorite heroes and the first one being fantastic. But after watching this I'm ten times more pumped.

So great.

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Well, that's badass.

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Awesome still looks good to me. Most of the time when Marvel movies get closer to their release date they start to look uninteresting to me and I didnt really like the avengers. Surprisingly Iron Man 2 is my favorite so far but everybody seems to frowns at that. My favorite part of Marvel is SHIELD though i despise the Agents of Shield show but I have high hopes that Captain America the Winter Soldier will be my new favorite Marvel movie.

And if he can jump out of a plane without a parachute..why didnt he just do that at the end of CA: The First Avenger?

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@viin: haters will always want to hate

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this looks better than xmen, im not excited for that and it looks better than asm and guardians. not as good as 300 or godzilla

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Look badass. I can't wait. I liked the first one, but I hope I'm going to LOVE this one.

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I didnt really know what to feel about the opening scene, but the last act of the trailer was really awesome. I am actually a little worried, but still I think this movie will get the job done

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@jonny_anonymous: Yep. I don't watch a damn one. I'd rather see the movie complete and in order and unspoiled. I'm just disappointed so many others prefer having already watched half the movie in 4 minute clips. But to each their own.

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Seriously, anyone who was doubting the Russo Brothers seems to be proven wrong. CANT WAIT.

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Action looks good. I was hoping id see some Falcon, pretty much tired of this version of Black Widow.

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Frickk, must see this!!

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Two words: hell yeah.

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Is it April 4th yet?

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April 4th can't get here fast enough, this is going to be crazy.

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This looks AH-mayzing :0

Movie Cap seems more like Ultimate Cap with that crazy strength.

Black Widow is a BAMF, even though i don't like this Black Widow.

The trailer afterward was epic. :o

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I make no money on the internet....But WOW can't wait to see this!

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Love the shield usage