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Should Ed Brubaker return to write Captain America? I sure as hell hope so. He did a great job and honestly Remender hasn't

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No because I believe he feels like he is done, told the stories he had to tell and wanted off of the books revolving around Cap and Bucky. Maybe some time in the future he will have more but now he doesn't.

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Nope, dude seems to have burned out at the end of his run. I say give his some time, but maybe bring him in to script some special story a couple years from now.

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I loved Bru's work, but no. Let him ride off into the sunset, proud of the great work he did. If he wants to come back some day then let him, but right now I'm really loving Remender's Captain America.

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Why piss all over Remember's work? Brubacker's work does well for the reality based 21st century Cap. I love this new turn Cap has taken in the Sci-fi realm of Zola and his mutates.