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While this is good for story arc pages that were absolutely abused or not bothered with, it also causes a virtually incomprehensible "reading order" for any story arc with issues released in the same month, between more than one title and several of Marvels Annual crossovers (Evolutionary War, Atlantis Attacks, Assault on Armor City + dozens more)...

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@x35: reported a while back and being worked on last I heard.

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@x35: @pikahyper: I was doing some looking around and it seems like it does use the publisher date. The problem is even worse when it isn't using a fuzzy date and uses an exact date from some but a fuzzy for others in same month releases. After the publishing date I have no clue what order it uses. I assume like the search it orders them based on the date they were added to the Wiki. I updated End Times for example to all use the fuzzy date and they are completely out of order, I looked at the street date thinking it would use that next, but nope a Nov 20th is before a Nov 7th.

I brought this up in the editing forum as well http://www.comicvine.com/forums/editing-tools-2761/story-arc-issue-order-1451650/#6

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@wmwadeii: I'm still hoping we'll get the ability to change the order again, I think too many things are automated in the wiki now, a wiki is supposed to be all user generated content and doing all these little tasks should be up to the community, in theory it is nice and all but it just doesn't align with the needs of editors or even viewers.