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I think I may have posted something about this before, it went away for a while but now it seems to have returned.

When you go into edit mode on pages, sometimes the text splits into several different lines usually where a word has been highlighted green for a link.

Any updates on the issue/ anyone else still getting this?

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I believe this even happens when quoting forum text that has been formatted. I made a note of that issue, and it sounds like yours is related. I'll amend the issue to make a note of it. Sorry about that!

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@rorie: I reported this a couple times starting back during the beta, it effects a lot of the wiki pages on the site and it is most likely permanent unless editors fix it manually, what happens is that links, italic text and bold text get wrapped in <p> tags randomly forcing a new line, it happened during the database changeover. Since the <p> tags are now part of the data I don't think there is an automated way of removing those extra tags without removing all the other <p> tags.

If the bugged <p> tags were inside the regular <p> tags a little css could fix the problem but they are at the same level so text that should be like this <p>one <span>two</span> three</p> turns into this <p>one</p><p><span>two</span></p><p>three</p> so even css can't fix it without making changes to the page template.

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Eep, that's annoying. I'll add all this to the bug issue, though.