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Just like the title says, the Spider-Man character page can't be edited, I've tried with two accounts on two computers and if you look at the wiki history the page hasn't been edited since before the relaunch which makes no sense with such a popular character. Going into edit mode takes forever and after any change hitting save just brings up the loading gif for a very long time and then errors out with the whoops error. I've tried editing just the deck, just the description and just an alias, same results.

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Been like a month since this page was editable, kind of a big deal :/

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@rorie anything you can do? month and a half now.

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@pikahyper: Not working for me either. Made a bug for it. I'll check up on it in a few days if it's not fixed.

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OK! This isn't good. It's looking like there are two issues here:

There's a broken image in the text there (under the Japan) section. Fixing that would help somewhat. But obviously you can't do that until you can edit the page.

The other problem is that we're starting to hit something approximating the maximum amount of data that our tech can work with before we error out before the page can save. The Spider-Man page is around half a meg of text alone, and we're adding a bunch of aliases and associations and images to that load. It looks like the tech we work with is reaching its breaking point with these kinds of huge textual blocks. I don't think this is specifically a Comic-Vine problem; I'm told that even the bigger Wikipedia pages get problematic when they're extended to huge lengths. The Spider-Man page on Wikipedia, for instance, breaks itself out to different pages for list of titles, powers and equipment, enemies, movies, other media, etc. Our page looks to be around triple the length of the Wiki page. So that's part of what's getting borked.

We can look into fixing that, but that's going to take a while as it'll take some underlying rewriting of the way our wikis work, so that won't be happening overnight. In the meantime, we should move some of the data from that page to somewhere else. We might want to look into making concept pages for things like Spider-man novels or Major Story Arcs and move some of the data on his main page to those concepts so that everything can be edited again. Let's start that discussion on the Moderator's Forum or the Editing forum for the moment and see what we can come up.

Are there any other pages as crazily long as this one? I'm showing that it's far longer than Batman and Superman, which I would've guessed would be of similar length.

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@rorie: If it'll help go ahead and manually remove the entire novel section directly from the database. Once the page can be edited I'll see about finding some users willing to condense all the major story arcs into summaries that link to the story arc pages and to condense the video game section with links to GB, that should free up a lot of space. I'm thinking maybe a Spider-Man costume type concept should also be created so all that costume info that is taking up a lot of space can be shifted over.

I just noticed something else the devs should take a look at, mouse over the Character Wiki button and check out the drop down TOC, it is cut off and can't be viewed in its entirety.

Also can you ask the devs if the character page associations for friends/enemies/teams is impacting the data overload, if it is it might be wise to remove adding/removing of them from the main page sidebar and only allow editing of them on the specific sub-page for the character.

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this is now happening with Iron Man too.

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and Wolverine.

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@x35: similar problem but not quite the same, your subs for both characters just got pushed into the queue, I let them through.

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are we ever going to be able to edit this page again? ;p

that long list of creators who didn't create him grates on me.