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So, I'm trying to edit one of my favorites lists on here and it will not allow me to remove things/characters from the list. It didn't start doing this until after the layout of the site changed. Any help guys? A reason why?

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Also cannot create lists or add anything to lists. Is this feature gone from CV?

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Windows 7 and IE10

Cannot add to my list or change the deck.

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I've noticed the same problem. You can add to existing lists, but for some reason, you cannot alter the placement or delete them either. Whenever I try to do it, I get an error message about saving the list and kicks me out of editing mode.

I also noticed that when I accidentally added a few repeats of the same character to a list that the list doesn't notice the repeat thing and blocks it like it used to do.

I've tried altering things in Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari and so far none of them work. Is there some sort of browser that we need to be using for this or what?

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Ok, glad I'm not the only one experiencing this. There is a button that says "remove" underneath the character I wish to remove, but when I click on it nothing happens...why?

Are we still waiting for the guys to finish "working out the kinks" in the new layout?

That was the only explanation that crossed my mind.

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Yup, same problem here. I can't remove anything from my lists either, in IE, Chrome, and Firefox.

I've already reported it to pikahyper (who reported it as a bug), but so far, no changes.

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I had a similar problem when I tried to edit my pull list yesterday. I added a bunch of new titles that I am reading and when I went to save I kept getting the error "something has gone horribly wrong" or something to that effect. Had to eventually refresh the page and just add everything again and then it saved. Sadly I lost all my descriptions that I wrote so I'll have to do that again. Not a huge problem just a little annoying.

Windows 7 on Chrome. I didn't try and see if other browsers worked or not.

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So, any of the staff know why? Is it because of the new layout.

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I'm using firefox, is that the problem?

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@jj62: at the moment the list buttons don't work in Firefox, at least it didn't last time I tried it.

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Just an update.

Still cannot add to lists or edit the deck.

Win7 IE10

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Still cannot edit lists content or deck.

Win 7 IE 10

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Cannot remove characters from my list, been trying for about two days. Same as above, when I click 'remove', nothing happens. Tried a different web browser but this time I was able to click 'remove' and when I clicked 'save', a red error popped up.


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I still can't edit my lists. I can open up the lists but can't add, remove, or re-organize it. I am on the current Mozilla Foxfire.

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@eiementaiist: @bluelantern1995: as I posted above the buttons don't work in FF still, I'm hoping that the slow progress on this is cause they are revamping the lists system.

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Got a problem with list editing as well.

Whenever I try to save the changes I made to my list it says 'Something has gone horribly wrong' or something.. What gives?

I'm using Google Chrome, btw.

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Same problem and another, I can't add foreign Comics to my List. When I try to search for the Panini Volume of Fantastic Four Season One, (which was in the Data base before the new site) I only find the Marvel Issue and the Panini one totally disappeared from the site o__o° (same for the the german Batman: Black Mirror TPB)

Windows 7

Firefox 20

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@emh_bruce: do you have links to the original volumes so I can see?

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@pikahyper: Sadly I don't have links to them :/ but in the old CV when you typed Fantastic Four Season One in the search bar you got three results.

  • the english Marvel version
  • the italian Panini version
  • the german Panini version

Now you only get the english Marvel version and I can't find the Panini versions at all. Could it be, that those Issues were added in the beta time and are gone now? Õ__ô°

Oh, same goes for the Hulk Season One issues from Panini.

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@emh_bruce: only two non-English Season One's have been added to the wiki and they are both for Hulk (French & German), I keep pretty good track of what gets added from Panini. Searching "Hulk Season One" brings up all three Hulk Season One volumes. Also none were added during the lockout or beta as I downloaded every single volume and issue that users added so I could re-add them if the original editor didn't after the re-launch.

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@pikahyper: This is....strange o__o° I think I need new glasses.

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@emh_bruce: maybe you thought about adding it or saw it somewhere else?

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@pikahyper: Yeah, I think it was that I wanted to add the Issues. I wished my scanner would work again, so that I could scan the covers of my german Panini comics. I've already scanned the cover of "Avengers - Offizielles Film Special" but I'm not sure to which size I should scale it.

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So I made an account RIGHT after the update I guess... I tried creating my first list for myself, and I just have an empty list there... I try to add something and it says it successfully saved, but there're no differences. Just a blank list still. Oh, I'm using chrome by the way.

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Okay, my old problem worked out. NOW, whenever I make a list it says "saved successfully" and then it takes me to the list and it says "zero items" I've done it like 5 times now and it does the same thing.

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Having the same prob. Windows 7 and latest version of Chrome.

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Alright, no worries =]

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you know what there should be?... a button on each like... issue or character or whatever that allows me to add it to a list...

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@testla1: there used to be, hopefully they will come back eventually

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I'm too new t know these things xD my list is working now though!