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Alright, this is a pretty huge issue forum-wise. The link in the automatic @reply notifications only takes you to the thread that you were mentioned in. Not to the comment, not even to the right page.

Using Google Chrome and Windows 7. Replicated with every notification I've had so far.

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Any word on this?

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This happened to me in the old site as well. Probably always IIRC.

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We have no way to link to specific comments right now (it's pretty hard to do in a way that isn't slow as heck and would hurt our DB), I think we are looking into a way to do this later, but for now the best we can do is link to a specific page the comment is on.

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@ltsquigs said:

but for now the best we can do is link to a specific page the comment is on.

This would be awesome if you're not able to link it to the actual comment itself. The way it is right now, all it does is take you to the first page of the thread.

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I too have experienced this issue. When follow the link in the PM it takes me to the VERY FIRST page of the thread.

When a thread is dozens, hundreds, or thousands of pages this means I often cannot find the comment at all and read the context in which it was delivered or join in that conversation.

Very inconvenient. I would like to at least be able to be linked to the page where the comment was.

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When someone replies to one of my comments It won't even tell me the name of the thread, never mind giving me a link.