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This probably also applies to the descriptions of friends, though I have not verified such yet. Here is the problem. There is a default in the computer programming that when you enter a description for an enemy, the same exact description occurs in the enemy field of the opposite character. Ex: Mr. Fantastic and Annihilus. Obviously, the descriptions cannot be the same, as you need to describe the actual enemy. I noticed this problem previously, but I could always make the change manually. (I think it only occured previously when someone entered the name of an enemy, but failed to enter a description.) Now I am unable to make a manual change. The most recent entry now appears for both characters' enemy fields. This is not good and really needs to be corrected, please.

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It's always been this way.

You're not supposed to describe the character, for that you can just go to his/her page. You're supposed to describe the relationship between the characters so it's readable both ways.

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OK. I will try and remember. That does make sense I guess.