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Browser: FireFox

OS: Windows XP


This isn't really a damaging bug, but something I noticed while browsing down my Images gallery on my profile. As I scrolled down, I noticed some images were repeating even though know I only uploaded them once. I had to stitch together a picture to show you an example of what I was seeing. I also numbered the rows down to give an idea of how far down I was seeing these repeats. I also highlighted the images that were repeating.

You can see that almost all the pictures seem to repeat in the same order, except for one. As I examined further, I found a few more repeating around the 21-23 rows.

I tried looking through some other user's image gallerirs. Sometimes I saw repeating images, and sometimes I couldn't. Just to check. I also looked through the images posted by staff, such as Babs and G-Man; and discovered that there were several repeating images. I figured staff would be less likely to upload the same image twice.

As I looked through other user's galleries for this bug, where the repeating images appears seems random, but always the same pictures. I reloaded the web page on these galleries for both my gallery and the user galleries I checked. The repeats always appear to be the same pictures. It seems more like an issue with when these were uploaded and not the browser loading the pictures.

Takashi, Hisashi, and Rei find Wakisaka by Shoji Sato

I had yet to write a caption on any of these pictures before submitting this bug report, I went to the character galleries where I originally added these images that are repeating, then I wrote a caption for all of them (see an example to the right). When I look back to the All Images section of my profile. This caption can only be seen on one version of these images. The repeat shows no caption, but they appear before in the list of images.

I know I can easily remove these repeating images, but I felt bringing up this bug might help improve things on the site.