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Using Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (all for Mac) when viewing pictures in any article, wiki, or forum thread . If you expand an image and close it, hitting the back button takes you to the last image opened in the page. Multiple steps compound this issue.

E.g. If I'm on the homepage and go to see a story with multiple images, I read the first chunk of text then view the first picture as I scroll past it, escape (or click the X) back to the article from the viewer, and view each image individually, closing each one after viewing it, (rather than all at once using the image viewer) and possibly reading/leaving replies.

When I'm done reading a post, I want to use the back to the front page and read the next article, so I swipe back and it reopens the last image from the viewer. I go back again, and it closes that image. I go back again, and it reopens the previous image, repeat as per necessary. So in the story linked above (as an example) it takes 21 steps (19 if I didn't open the bottom image Gregg uses every week) to get back to the front page.

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to be honest ,I don;t know how to deal with it. I click the back and easily go to front page with myFirefox .if a web image viewer add-on can solve such a problem? i m not sure.

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This is because we use the image gallery for the images in these kind of stories; you're supposed to be able to use the back/forward keys to go back and forth from the images. It looks like it might be interpreting the story page as part of the image gallery when you use the X functionality to head back to the page rather than as a return key - I note that using the "back" button on your browser to close the image window doesn't cause this problem to arise, just the X button. I'll check with the engineers, but I suspect this might be working as intended. You may want to try using something like Hoverzoom to avoid having to load the image pages (it allows you to hover over images to pop them up rather than click through to them).