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I just reviewed Tales to Astonish #35, (second appearance of Henry Pym), so I wanted to go back and look at my review of Tales to Astonish #27 (first appearance of Henry Pym). But my review isn't there - I know I reviewed it weeks ago - and can even see the first sentence in the Google cache, but it isn't on the site.

This was not data that was added during the transition lockdown (or to the beta site). Is it going to come back or is it lost for good?

This makes me worry that I may have other reviews missing too.

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Will look into it

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Additional info:
The reviews I wrote for Amazing Spider-Man #1-6 are all missing. My review for Amazing Spider-Man #7 is here however. That review is dated Feb. 25, 2013 - since I've been reading these issues in chronological order, those reviews were most likely done in the month of February, and definitely on or prior to the 25th.

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Sorry Ive been looking into the missing image issue all day, I'll dig into this tomorrow.

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@ltsquigs said:

Sorry Ive been looking into the missing image issue all day, I'll dig into this tomorrow.


Here's some more weirdness:

Here's my review for Birthright #1:


But if you go to the Birthright page it says only one reviewer has posted a review for that comic.


And if you click on 'What Comic Vine users think' the only review is by grombletromble:


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More info:

I suspect it could be related to half star reviews not being migrated.

I have done close to 900 reviews and only about half of them show up in my review stats.

O.K., it's not just from a narrow window of early 2013.
There are some that are here, just not accessible from the issue's page.
There are others that are others that aren't here at all. If I search for my review of Fantastic Four #8 (reviewed on June 26, 2011) it comes up on Google, but if I click on it I get a 404 error. If I go to the current page there are no reviews for it. I can find my old review in the Google cache, though.

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Half star reviews did get migrated http://cl.ly/image/1Z3O362W0j3b

The left side does not show half stars (theres no row for them) but the right side does include half star reviews in the average and total.

Ill try and figure out why those reviews arent showing up in the display.

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@etragedy: This is the review your talking about right? I think I've identified the bug stopping it from showing up on the lists and such, will be fixed next time we push out.

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Yes, that was one. I can see it now.

This morning I found dozens of issues via Google cache of the old site that I could not view on here.
Now a lot of them appear to be visible if you click on 'What Comic Vine Users Think' link, so that's an improvement.

But some are still missing altogether, like this one:
main page
review page (I only see one review by Engeltine)

(from the Google cache you can see that I did review this one)


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Yep that one looks like it may be a DB issue. Will send it to our migration guy to make sure it comes over.

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While we're at it, since I'm having trouble finding a thread fully dedicated to it when I search, but feel like it probably exists and as soon as I create one it'll probably just get deleted and redirect me; but what's with the lack of half-star scores overall? If you don't want to give half stars you don't have to, but don't take away our ability to give them. Personally, and I know I'm not alone in this, I think a 5-star system is far too broad for proper reviewing, especially for something as rapid and excessive as comics. Half stars really helps create a smoother curve of quality judgement; AND it doesn't force those who don't agree to actually USE half stars; but now by making one group happy, you've angered or alienated the other by eliminating their ability to give half stars, when a system that allows it makes both groups happy, and if someone's upset by other people's ability to use half stars without being forced to use them themselves, well, they need to take a serious look at their sanity.

If it's a server thing or something like that, that's different, but I still think there's far more positives to just letting us give half-star scores.

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I am still missing reviews.

You can see no review by me on the page for The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 here:


But you can see from this cached page (about halfway down) that I did in fact review this comic:


There are others as well (I believe Tales to Astonish #59 is another, though I can't find a cached page for it).

EDIT: well it has been several days so I'm just going to copy paste this review back on here before it disappears from the Google cache. But I'm pretty sure there are other reviews still missing.

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@wmwadeii: Ah thats because dave forgot to put a link to the user review page here will add a link in