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(All Image Galleries, but I'm highlighting these two as examples.)

Browser: FireFox

OS: Windows XP


Okay, this is a tad complicated to explain, but I'm adding some image examples to make things a touch more clear. I've been adding images into the galleries of some of the HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD series cast. Adding for characters then going back and making sure to add any images that include other characters into their respective galleries. I was surprised when I would hit "Add new miage(s)" then "Search the site" option on the site that there were pictures missing in the search that I knew I uploaded into the gallery I was scrolling through.

It seems the 17th and 18th images in a gallery wont appear in a "Search the site" option in the browser.

Here is an example of what I was seeing while I was using the "Search the site" option to browse the image gallery of Saya Takagi.

Now, this picture below is an image from Saya Takagi's actual image gallery. You will see that the two images that I highlighted don't appear in the above search.

I know that this isn't just a bug with these two images or Saya's gallery. I also tested this on the image gallery of Saeko Busujima, and several other galleries.

"Search the site" results for Saeko Busujima.

Actual character gallery with these two images missing.

So far, it only appears to be effecting the 17th and 18th images in an image gallery. I went through the entire Saeko Busujima image gallery to confirm that only these two are missing from the search.

Please note that after I posted this bug report that I continued to post images in these character's galleries. If you check these character galleries now the missing images could be different than in the examples I show above.

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Thanks for the detailed report. I'll bring it to someone's attention.

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Just to expand on this bug. I went to check the Previous Uploads section of the image search. The browsing results for my own galleries shows this same bug. This is more likely an issue with the image browser tool.

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This bug has been found and the fix should be going out on wednesday. We have some behind the scenes changes on monday and tuesday which has delayed the fix. Thanks for the patience.

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I'm having similar problems. For instance, let's say I want to add some images that are tagged "etrigan" on my profile. When I go to add them to a thread, sometimes some of those images do not appear in the image search function under that tag. The image search will show most of the images I have tagged as Etrigan, but not all.

But I can try it immediately afterwards, and then suddenly they do appear in the image search.

And then I can try again later, and they're not there again.

It seems to have something to do with waiting time. If I open the image search window, and let it sit there for five or ten seconds, then it is more likely to have all the correct images when I scroll down. But even this is inconsistent. It also does that thing where it repeats the top two rows of images sometimes, but not other times.

It is not related to waiting for the images to all process; I can eventually get to the last tagged images perfectly fine, but some might be missing from the middle.

I have tried removing the tag from the images and adding it again, but it does not make a difference.

Using Mac with Mountain Lion/Firefox and Chrome.