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Pretty minor thing, but my inbox insists that I have 7 more messages than I actually have.

I'm using Chrome.

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Just wanted to add me two cents on this as well -- I am showing 4 more messages than I actually have.

Using Chrome -- Windows 8 -- here's a screen shot:

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I have 86 more messages than I should have.

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I'm sure it'll be fixed in due time.

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LMFAO@9250 messages.

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Mine says I have 8000 more than I do, can I keep it even if you fix everyone else's? I like it.

It makes me feel better about not replying to the first 1000.

EDIT: Btw, I'm too lazy to make a thread or search if there is one but has nobody else noticed you can choose to have the "Bombcast" in your main boards feed.

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This is a known bug with GB and CV, we've been trying to track ti down for a while (unfortunately launching CV has kind of sidelined us away from it). Will try to fix as soon as possible

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Just a guess but since messages are completely out of order are you all sure there aren't some unread messages showing on various pages?

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I actually think I know whats causing these weird numbers, should be a fix coming soon