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Sorry to keep making image-based reports. I just keep running into new issues.

I added a bunch of images to my profile and was adding captions when my computer crashed. When I re-started it, I would not have been surprised if I lost what I had just added, but I didn't. Instead, I had a new problem.

Now I can suddenly only see either 24 or 25 images (it varies) on my profile, or on any character page, whether I look under the All Images folder or under any of the tags. The others don't load up, even after extended waiting, and show no "loading" icon.

However, the images are still there, because if I go to a character page and try to add images to it, the images (all of them) show up in the adding-images window.

I logged out, restarted my browser (Firefox 19.0.2), erased my history, tried it again, tried it on Chrome (26.0.1410.43), and restarted my computer, but it didn't help. I'm on a Mac with Lion.

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Whoops a fix I did to make it so the image galleries would load faster is making it impossible to get past the first page! My bad, fix will be out later today (tricky thing to test)

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It's working now, thanks--and the images are loading up much more quickly than before, too!