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Image uploads are iffy right now and can't put the side-by-sides in chronological order.

Images Bugs

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Why do you have to go through the extended process just to post a scan? Is there a faster way? It seemed easer to post scans on the old site!

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@evilvegeta74: uploading images is way faster now, are you using the image editor?

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@pikahyper: It's WAY faster than the old site, but when trying to put the scans in order it doesn't able you to do so, like how you could on the old site before posting them onto the pages.

This is a bug for both the stack and side-by-side layouts.

Upload/Insert Images needs fixing!

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can't organize images..

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So on the old site how did it organize things? Just by file name order?

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@ltsquigs: When inserting images, we can't choose what order the images goes in like the old site could..it just uploads onto the page the way it is filed and we don't have the option of organizing sequences of panels in proper order..

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This isn't exactly a bug but a feature of the site I wish could be addressed. It is very frustrating.

As described above, we can't choose what order to put images in when placing them in the forums.

It used to be that when you clicked on multiple images (in order to present them as small, side by side images), they would show up in the order you clicked on them.

Now, that doesn't happen.

The solution could be to put them in your main personal image gallery in the correct order so they then displayed in that order.

Unfortunately, while they will usually go in the right order in your main image gallery, they will usually be out of order in the gallery they are tagged in, and usually I will select images for a post by looking for them through the relatively small tagged gallery, not the entire images gallery.

For example if I load up three images, 1.jpg, 2.jpg, and 3.jpg all at once, they will probably show up correctly in All Images, but if I tag them as Lady Bullseye, for example, and then go to my Lady Bullseye gallery, they will all be out of order.

So for instance I uploaded these images, and they are in order within my All Images gallery (the file names are in a sequential order, as are the captions):

But then when I later click on the Lady Bullseye tag to see them, they are all out of order--and this is how they will show up if I put them in a post:

Basically I can't find any way to put scans in order in a thread if I put them there from the tags in my personal image gallery. I think most people just constantly re-upload them from their hard drive but I'd rather keep them online so I can have them captioned.

A further example: four images tagged Elektra, and selected through All Images--they show up here in order:

The same four images, selected through the Elektra tag--out of order:

(Also, while you can move small, side-by-side images around while you're still writing a post, it will just switch back to the original order when you actually post it. I put the images above in order, but then when I posted it, it moved them out of order again.)

Can something be done about this?