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I'm unable to use any of the Image adjustment functions after I have placed an image into a wiki/blog/forum post. The popup shows but clicking anything from image side to up/down/align doesn't do anything. I also can't click the delete button.

Using IE 10 on Windows 7 & 8. Using standard IE not Win8 (full screen) interface.

I found two more bugs for the IE10 list. After I post in a topic I can't search anymore, I have to refresh the page. Second is once I update a issue it doesn't show the points window but it does says update successful in the green bar and never refreshes I have to manually refresh the page.

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Any engineers taking a look at the IE10 refresh issue? I did find a way around the image problems I mentioned it basically involves double-clicking the option on the image adjustment bar. Not the best way since it takes me back to the top of a page but at least I can edit images now.