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Hopefully this makes sense, if you have a list with 101, 201, 301, 401 or more items where there is only one item on the 2nd+ page and you try to delete that one item the list can't be saved as it produces the "This list is empty and can't be saved" error. Example, if I have a list with 101 items, I hit Edit and click on the second page, I delete item 101 and hit save, error message.

Edited to add: And now we have another problem, ordered lists can't have more then 100 items in them now? I can still add more then 100 via the add to list button but when editing I can add more but it won't save and gives an error about ordered lists not being able to have more then 100 items, this new restriction means I can't edit 35 of my 39 lists :/

Edited again: Another bug, the top pagination for the lists keeps appearing and disappearing, bottom pagination is always there.

And some more: If you convert from an unordered list to an ordered list it does not truncate the list to 100, instead it is shifting all of the items past 100 to the beginning of the list with no number and just has a period there (presumably it is giving it a zero), after how ever many no-number items it then shows the 100 items in order numbered and continues onto a second page.

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Limiting the ordered lists to 100 items is just silly, a lot of us need those number for keeping track of things, having the number total next to the pagination and on the main list page doesn't really help, two examples where it is needed:

  1. For my tracking lists I limit the number of items to 300 but if for any reason one of the wiki pages I added gets deleted and it gets removed from the list I no longer have a way of figuring out which one is missing, previously I could look through and see oh ok #XX is missing and since I add things alphabetically I would be able to figure out what is missing..
  2. The Poet keeps lists for wiki pages that need work, users post in the list comments if they complete one of the list items, now the user can't say "I completed number X, X and XX" making it that much more difficult for him to delete the list items the user completed.
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Being in list edit mode also messes up the editor toolbar and profile menu bar when scrolling, screenshot.

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converting to an unordered list scrambles the list items.

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I got my newest list up to 119 items, by using the "Add to List" button on the individual wiki pages of the items I wanted to add. However, when I went to edit my list, it wouldn't allow me to save anything, because the list was over 100 items (giving me the message that the list cannot be over 100 items, or that my ordering sequence is invalid).

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Sounds like an issue for LtSquigs.

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Ok, the 101 and 201 etc thing I will fix when I have the time.

The ordered lists are at 100 as explained in the giant forum post I made for this, due to both backend and front end limitations. I may increase the number later with enough demand, but even if I did the top limit is going to be somewhere in the 200-300 item range.

I'll try to figure out why the top pagination item is disappearing, and why the truncating isnt working. You shouldn't be converting from unordered -> ordered often though. That button is a panic button intended to let the mods help users who really need it.

The messed up editor is something that happens all over the site, its a bug that we've had around for a while but unfortunately haven't had time to fix.

The scrambling of items is the result of us not keeping track of the date the items were added before. The 'order' to unordered lists is the order you added the items in, but old lists don't have that information.

As for being able to add more than 100 items through the add to list button. I was going to leave that in as a backdoor to appease power users, but if the complaint is that it's inconsistent I'll lock it down.

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@ltsquigs: would any of the problems be alleviate by nixing the ajax pagination and just going with a standard pagination? It is ok if the ordered list resets 1-100 on each page, that is exactly how we used to have it on the old site for yeas with no complaints. Plus with this ajax pagination we can't bookmark specific pages or share specific pages with other users. It also worked pretty well on the old site to have the regular pagination and then when you go into edit mode it all shows on a single page.

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@pikahyper: I have a fix that should work with ajax pagination, just need to have it change the url bar. The problem with it all showing on a single page is then you have a static limit on the number of items you can support (showing 800 items on a single page just doesn't work from a time perspective)

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@ltsquigs: just a thought but could you run a query on the database to get back a count of how many lists have more then 100 items, 200, 300, etc. and do some kind of average to come up with a higher limit then 100 that would put as few users at a disadvantage as possible? from what I've seen very few user lists go above 400.