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Fed up having to use the desktop site on a mobile device.

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Yea feel ya. After they fix all these bugs, hopefully they'll focus on their mobile sites like they said they where gonna do. The iPhone app is still the same from the old version. However, when you go into Safari, the mobile site seems more organized than the app itself. CV could make a lot of new users if they utilize this application as planned.

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There should be a mobile site that appears on your phone now. It's what I see when I access on my iPhone (although there are some bugs).

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@captainsaul: @reefermadness: Make sure your not using forced desktop mode. Like @ellie_knightfall mentioned I know on my Windows Phone it displays in a nice clean mobile view with a simple buttons layout. On my Nook HD+ however the mobile and desktop view look similar but if you dig deep enough you will see differences. It mainly has to do with screen real estate. The site is predictive and can tell what resolution your device uses and then change accordingly. As for an app, any app you get from iTunes, Google Play, or Windows Marketplace are 3rd party. CV has never had an actual app created by them.