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I guess not really a bug but the new site has a feature that labels a character's 1st appearance with whatever the earliest dated issue in the database is.

This is cool in theory, but in practice I've seen so many characters with the wrong 1st appearance listed.

Since many characters get incorrectly tagged to old issues or foreign reprints get incorrectly dated it seems the feature does more harm then good.

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If I'm not mistaken issues with no date default now to the date that they are added, and the old issues on the site I think defaulted to a date as well (not sure of that date I checked Vintage Funnies and it appears to be today's date March 31 2013). Also if a character is listed in an issue that is legitimately older than their known first appearance, then they are probably added and error and can be removed from the issue. If however it is discovered that they were in the issue, this could also be the reason for the discrepancy (example somebodies name changes, or they were originally know by something else).

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@wmwadeii: old issues don't actually default to today's date, PHP doesn't like no date being added so if no dates are added to an issue it automatically displays todays date even though it is not stored in the database so it is visual only not actually added.

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@pikahyper: gotcha, I did notice however because it has no date it no longer causes the issues of the old site where it put it as the recent issues.

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@wmwadeii: most likely an unintentional lucky glitch

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good feature in theory, but it requires a date set otherwise it will show the wrong f.a., which it does for many public domain characters.

also, there's a problem when vandals adds character arbitrarily. Like that guy who added tons of unrelated issues to Nick Fury and related characters. It's gonna take a while to sort that out.

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I think this is actually pretty good, really helps to see when legacy characters are mis-tagged.