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Hey there, I'm getting a Google "500" error when I hit the "edit" button on my blogs. Has this been blocked temporarily, or is this a true bug?

My details:

Operating SystemWindows Windows XP
Screen Resolution1366 x 768
Web BrowserChrome 25.0.1364.172
Browser Size1366 x 653
IP Address
Color Depth32
Flash Version11.6.602
User AgentMozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1) AppleWebKit/537.22 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/25.0.1364.172 Safari/537.22
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@cbishop: any specific blogs or all? I just tried to edit your latest blog with no problem.

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@pikahyper: I was trying to get into some of my Would U Buy It blogs - the images are lost from the redesign and I need to find a way to reformat it. I can't even get into them.

I had tried the latest blog too though, and couldn't get into that.

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@cbishop: that's odd, does it work for you in another browser or on another computer? Did you try clearing your cache and try with all your extensions disabled?

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@pikahyper: You must have forgotten who you're talking to lol. No, I didn't try all of that stuff. The only thing on that list I'd know how to do is open another browser (and I only have one computer, tech challenged neanderthal that I can be).

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@pikahyper: The only other browser on this computer is IE, and it wouldn't open from that either (and I'm a little traumatized from having to try that, thank you very much). Trying on Chrome again, I was able to get into my newest blog, but the Would U Buy It blogs seem to be cut off. Can't open them at all. I'd really like to be able to get into those and fix them. Still a little ticked at this redesign, that the stuff I got the most reads on is so highly affected.

(Ignore the bolding - CV did that on its own)

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@cbishop: can you give me links to a few specific blogs and I'll try editing them?

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Yeah, definitely include a few links to blogs and we'll see if there's anything in common between them.

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@rorie: @pikahyper: Sorry, folks, I've been busy with family stuff this week. Anything listed in this blog, I cannot get into.

EDIT: Whoops, found one I could get into all of a sudden. Removed the link. Let me try more of them, see what happens.

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@rorie: @pikahyper: Okay, guys, take 2:

On my WUBI list, I cannot get into #1, 2, 4-7, 11-14, 16-19, 21-23, 25-26, 29-39, 43-46, 48-50, 53, 55-57, 59-70, and 72-88.

On my 12-MT list, I cannot get into any of them (1-7).

I thought it was because of the dead graphics in them, that didn't survive the site redesign, but I was able to get into some that had dead cover graphics, so I don't know. If y'all figure 'em out, that'd be awesome.

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@cbishop: ok now I'm seeing the errors.

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@cbishop: Hmm, thanks for the list, I'll file a bug for these. Can't edit them myself, either.

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Hey again, now in my blog, I've Always Known They Were Heroes, I cannot get into that one to edit it, and it has no graphics. I'm getting a "Server Error" message that says, "The website encountered an error while retrieving http://www.comicvine.com/profile/cbishop/blog/edit/81860/. It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly. Error code: 500."

I'd really, really, really like to be able to fix these blogs. Is there any update on what the problem is? Thanks for all your work.

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@cbishop: I haven't heard back regarding the bug, but then we just switched to a new bug tracker, so that might have something to do with it. I'll refile it and see what the engineers say.

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@rorie: Thanks. Much appreciated.

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@rorie: Hey, Rorie, just checking in - is there any news on this bug? I've figured out how I can replace the missing pics in my Would U Buy It blogs, but I still can't get into the ones I listed above.



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@cbishop: another user has come forward with the same problem so now that there are two profiles to look at it might be easier to find what is wrong.

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@pikahyper: @cbishop: The issue's still bugged and open; I know it's affecting another member here and someone over on GB, so theoretically there should be enough datasets for them to fix it. I don't have an ETA on it, unfortunately.

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@rorie: @pikahyper: Good enough. Like I said, I was just checking in on it. Thanks.

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we had a delay in our release process (usually daily, but we've been blocked for about a week). Hopefully have this fixed with this release, otherwise, we'll have it asap.

Apologies for the issues.

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@mrpibb: Hey, no problem. I'll just be glad to be able to get into them again. I've been staring at them since the redesign, just trying to figure out how to fix them. Just figured that out in the last few days. I'm glad you guys care enough to actually fix the problems. There's plenty of sites out there that don't.

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@mrpibb: @rorie: I've figured out how to fix the image problems on my Would U Buy It blogs, but I still cannot get into the ones listed above. Just checking in on the progress, or to see if it's supposed to be fixed, but I'm still having problems. I'll check back in a week (unless you respond before then)! :)

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(this is cbishop, bumping so I can update)

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@rorie: @mrpibb: Hey, folks- just looking for an update (I realize I've been much longer than a week). I tried to edit a few of these, and was able to get into WUBI #2 and fix that. I clicked through about thirty more of them, and every time I clicked "edit," I got a blank white screen, no message or anything. In the tab for that screen, instead of the CV icon, there was that weird SF icon.

I don't mean to sound rude with this question, I'm just trying to plan ahead- is this problem likely to be fixed, or do I need to start working on reposting these blogs?

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I'd have to defer to Pibb on that one, unfortunately.

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@rorie: I didn't get a notification that you had replied to me- it seems that I don't get them from anyone that replies in this forum or the Editing forum.

@mrpibb: do you have an answer on the blog thing? Just trying to plan ahead.

Thanks to both of you.

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sorry, finally getting out of the quagmire of other sites. Let me take a look at Rorie's bug and see if we can do a fix.

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@mrpibb: @rorie: Hey, just wanted to say thanks. I knew you guys were busy, so I gave up and moved on to some other things for a little while (ok, a few moths). Checked a couple of the blogs I couldn't get into, and as of a couple of days ago, I was able to get into them. Now, I'm gonna go fix a few hundred blogs and lists...here's hoping the images don't eff up again. You guys rock.

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@mrpibb: @rorie: I spoke too soon. When I was able to get into the first few (which I had not been able to get into before) I figured the whole thing was fixed. I still have several that I cannot get into though. Here's a list of the Would U Buy It blogs I cannot get into. The ones with >:( by them I cannot get into. (That symbol's not meant to indicate I'm mad about it- it's just a symbol that I almost never use)

Yes09211/29/13Richard Dragon(Blog) (Forum)Richard Dragon(2004)
***09109/06/13U.S. 1(Blog) (Forum)U.S. 1
***09009/04/13Black Lightning, Vol. 1-2(Blog) (Forum)Black Lightning
***08903/17/13Saga of the Warrior King(Blog) (Forum)Savage Dragon
Yes08801/15/13Superman: The Secret Years(Blog) (Forum)Superman: The Secret Years
-08712/04/12Robin: Cry of the Huntress(Blog) (Forum)Huntress (Bertinelli)
>:(08612/04/12Eclipso: The Darkness Within, Vol. 1-2(Blog) (Forum)Eclipso: The Darkness Within
>:(08511/14/12Spider-Man & Wolverine(Blog) (Forum)Spider-Man vs. Wolverine (1987)
>:(08411/09/12What If? Venom(Blog) (Forum)Venom
-08311/05/12Human Torch Team-Up, Vol. 1-2(Blog) (Forum)Human Torch
-08210/31/12Masters of the Universe(Blog) (Forum)He-Man
Yes08110/31/12Green Lantern: A Guy & His Gnort(Blog) (Forum)Guy Gardner
>:(08010/26/12DCCCL: Sword of Sorcery(Blog) (Forum)Sword of Sorcery(1973)
>:(07910/18/12Cops: The Job(Blog) (Forum)Cops: The Job (1992)
>:(07807/06/12Beowulf: Dragon Slayer(Blog) (Forum)Beowulf (1975)
-07703/21/12Adv Coms Pres: Dial 'H' For Hero, Vol. 2(Blog) (Forum)Dial H For Hero
>:(07603/20/12Adv Coms Pres: Dial 'H' For Hero, Vol. 1(Blog) (Forum)Dial H For Hero
-07512/02/10Batman: The Mud Pack(Blog) (Forum)Clayface (Karlo)
-07412/02/10Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld(Blog) (Forum)Amethyst
-07312/02/10Jemm, Son of Saturn(Blog) (Forum)Jemm
Yes07212/01/10Hardcore Station(Blog) (Forum)Hardcore Station
Yes07112/01/10Spanner's Galaxy(Blog) (Forum)Spanner's Galaxy
-07011/30/10Team America(Blog) (Forum)Thunderiders
-06911/30/10Mighty Mouse(Blog) (Forum)Mighty Mouse
Yes06811/29/10Starman: Star Shadows(Blog) (Forum)Starman
-06711/28/10Doctor Strange: The Vampire Verses(Blog) (Forum)Doctor Strange
-06611/28/10Spider-Man: The Assassin Nation Plot(Blog) (Forum)The Assassin Nation Plot
-06511/28/10Ultraverse: Break-Thru(Blog) (Forum)Break-Thru
-06411/27/10Ultraverse: Black September(Blog) (Forum)Black September
>:(06311/26/10Malibu: Genesis(Blog) (Forum)Malibu
-06211/24/10Guy Gardner: The Way of the Warrior(Blog) (Forum)Guy Gardner
-06111/24/10Green Lantern: Mosaic, Vol. 1-2(Blog) (Forum)John Stewart
>:(06011/24/10Thing, The: Rocky Grimm, Space Ranger(Blog) (Forum)Thing
-05911/23/10Guy Gardner: Emerald Fallout(Blog) (Forum)Guy Gardner
***05811/23/10"Trial of the Flash, The" & "The Murder of..."(Blog) (Forum)Barry Allen
-05711/22/10Deathstroke: The Hunted(Blog) (Forum)Deathstroke
-05611/21/10Deathstroke: World Tour '93(Blog) (Forum)Deathstroke
-05511/21/10B&B: Batman & Huntress: Days of Rage(Blog) (Forum)Huntress (Bertinelli)
***05411/20/10Manhunter: Saints and Sinners(Blog) (Forum)Privateer
-05311/18/10Superman/ Shazam: Lightning Strikes Twice(Blog) (Forum)Billy Batson
***05211/16/10Superman: Dark Knight Over Metropolis(Blog) (Forum)Superman
***05111/16/10Superman: The One-Man JLA!(Blog) (Forum)Superman
***05011/16/10DC Comics Presents: Superman and Shazam!(Blog) (Forum)DC Comics Presents
-04911/15/10Checkmate: The Janus Directive(Blog) (Forum)Checkmate
-04811/14/10Team Titans: Total Chaos(Blog) (Forum)Total Chaos
***04711/08/10Superman/ Batman: Null & Void(Blog) (Forum)Superman/ Batman[team]
-04611/08/10Worlds Collide(Blog) (Forum)Worlds Collide [story arc]
>:(04511/07/10Titans/ Legion of Super-Heroes (Elseworlds)(Blog) (Forum)Elseworlds [concept]
-04411/07/10Legionnaires: End of an Era(Blog) (Forum)End of an Era
-04311/07/10Superman Family (Elseworlds)(Blog) (Forum)Superman Family
***04211/03/10COIE: Infinity, Inc.(Blog) (Forum)Infinity, Inc.
***04111/03/10COIE: All-Star Squadron(Blog) (Forum)All-Star Squadron
***04011/03/10JSA: All-Star Origins(Blog) (Forum)Origin Story
-03910/12/10DC Legends, Vol. 1-4(Blog) (Forum)Legends
>:(03810/12/10Bloodlines, Vol. 1-3(Blog) (Forum)Bloodlines
-03710/11/10Superman Family: Year One(Blog) (Forum)Superman Family
>:(03610/11/10Pulp Heroes TPB's(Blog) (Forum)Hitman Annual
***03510/11/10Batman Family: Legends of the Dead Earth(Blog) (Forum)Batman Family
-03410/11/10Megaton(Blog) (Forum)Megaton
-03310/11/10What If? Spider-Man, Vol. 1-3(Blog) (Forum)Spider-Man
>:(03210/09/10What If? Doctor Doom(Blog) (Forum)Doctor Doom
-03110/09/10What If? Possibilities(Blog) (Forum)Watcher
-03010/09/10What If? Iron Man(Blog) (Forum)Iron Man
-02910/09/10What If? Agents of SHIELD(Blog) (Forum)SHIELD
***02810/09/10What If? Conan(Blog) (Forum)Conan
***02710/09/10What If? Doctor Strange(Blog) (Forum)Doctor Strange
-02610/09/10What If? Ghost Rider(Blog) (Forum)Ghost Rider
-02510/09/10What If? Namor, The Sub-Mariner(Blog) (Forum)Namor
***02410/09/10What If? Timequake(Blog) (Forum)What If...? (1989)
>:(02310/08/10JLA: Ghosts(Blog) (Forum)Ghosts
>:(02210/08/10Batman: Year 1 to 100(Blog) (Forum)Batman
>:(02110/08/10Zorro's Lady Rawhide(Blog) (Forum)Lady Rawhide
***02010/08/10Zorro's Renegades(Blog) (Forum)Zorro
>:(01910/08/10JLApe(Blog) (Forum)JLApe
-01810/08/10Batman Family (Elseworlds)(Blog) (Forum)Batman Family
-01710/07/10Batman Family: Year One(Blog) (Forum)Batman Family
-01610/05/10Black Event, The(Blog) (Forum)The War
***01510/05/10Thor 2099: The Fall of the Hammer(Blog) (Forum)Thor (McAdam)
-01410/05/10What If? Silver Surfer(Blog) (Forum)Silver Surfer
Yes01310/05/10What If? Phoenix(Blog) (Forum)Dark Phoenix
-01210/05/10What If? X-Men, Vol. 1-3(Blog) (Forum)X-Men
Yes01110/05/10What If? Punisher(Blog) (Forum)Punisher
***01010/05/10What If? Wolverine, Vol. 1-2(Blog) (Forum)Wolverine
Yes00910/05/10What If? Thor(Blog) (Forum)Thor
Yes00810/05/10What If? Daredevil(Blog) (Forum)Daredevil
Yes00710/05/10What If? Captain America(Blog) (Forum)Captain America
-00610/05/10What If? Avengers, Vol. 1-2(Blog) (Forum)Avengers
Yes00510/05/10What If? Hulk(Blog) (Forum)Hulk
-00410/05/10What If? Fantastic Four, Vol. 1-2(Blog) (Forum)Fantastic Four
Yes00310/05/10Brave & the Bold: Brotherhood of the Fist(Blog) (Forum)Brotherhood of the Fist
Yes00210/05/10Brave & the Bold, The: City of Assassins(Blog) (Forum)Trade Paperback
Yes00110/05/10X-Men: Uncanny Origins(Blog) (Forum)Trade Paperback

Here's a list of the 12-Month Trades blogs that I cannot get into:

I haven't tried any others. I just wanted to let you guys know about this, in case you thought it was fixed, like I did. :{

Thanks for all your work, folks. -cb