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Every time I try to make a list, I get a submission failed message or a message that the list I created is empty even when it isn't. What's happening?

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We've been doing a fair amount of work on the lists feature, and there are still some bugs to be worked out. I'll pass this along to the relevant engineer. Sorry for the trouble.

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@wolverine08: Try adding only 2 or 3 items to a new list and save. Adding a few items at a time has worked for me.

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yeah, i mean like what the frojo

i put a lot of work in these lists and the say: your list is empty

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Nothing works for me!!!!!!

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@pikahyper: Well I was trying to submit at list and it didn't work on Google Chrome, but it is working on Firefox.

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@coolmntreviews: and you added at least one item when submitting? I made a new list in chrome about five hours before you did and it went ok. Try turning off your extensions to see if one of them is causing a problem.