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Is my thread locked? It has no lock symbol and was not intended, nor meets the requirements of being locked. The comment box does not show up on my thread. I'm not sure if it's just on error on my computer or what, but if you could see a comment box on this thread, please let me know! http://www.comicvine.com/forums/off-topic-5/ask-reefer-1454343/#9

If you don't comment below please!

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I can see one and nothing says it's locked or deleted.

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@reefermadness: this occurs if you comment on yourself. If you delete your comment, or somebody else comments, you should be able to post again. I believe it has something to do with forum spamming.

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I've across similar threads with the same issue and I believe it's a scripting problem here is a screen shot that should explain the problem

got it from: http://www.comicvine.com/avengers-arena/4050-54622/forums/how-would-you-react-if-marvel-promised-the-charact-757635/#4

I've also come across other threads with the same issue.

As you can see it starts ok until you scroll down you see the comment box and the a gap and then the posts on the page start repeating and the you have post reply bottom but no comment box. If you try to comment it doesn't work.

I've tried Firefox, Chrome, IE (All up-to date) and even a different computer no go.

But for some reason it works on this thread.


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@animehunter: I'm not seeing the duplicates that you are in that screenshot, might have been a hiccup if not you should post it as a new topic in the bug forum so the engineers can take a look at it. The issue @reefermadness is talking about is when you comment on yourself, like his original thread. The engineers put in code that prevents you from being able to post more than twice in a row to prevent spamming.

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@wmwadeii: the issue disappeared after I posted it