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Can't believe it took me this long to notice it was missing but we can no longer see status updates :( takes some of the fun out of actually having them, what's the point if they are only viewable on the users profile? I liked scrolling through the top users and seeing what their current status was.

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Yes. The changes to Profile pages removed 90% of the personality from this site IMHO. Each user Profile page used to give a more clear sense of who users were and what they actually liked..

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@turoksonofstone: agreed, I feel so disconnected from my friends here.

Things feel very sterile, for lack of a better word.

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I really miss that feature. I used to look there first whenever I logged in - for a quick see on how people were doing.

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Without that feature it feels less social. Like we're all alone on the website, rather than connected to all our friends.

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