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I'm using Goggle Chrome and every time I attempt to upload a picture from my computer, a red window pops up with 'Upload failed try again' or something similar to that. However the picture will still upload? But when I try to upload more than one picture at a time, it will only upload one picture. I've also attempted to try and organize my picture in my gallery but... it won't add the tags to my pictures :-/ so it's just a big cluttered mess.

I've also tried to upload a picture directly to a character page (Hawkfire) and it wouldn't load it, saying the 'upload failed try again' thing.

Also, is there a way to delete pictures? I've looked around but I don't know if I'm just not seeing it... or if there is no way right now?

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@feral_nova: try clearing your cache, could be your browser is storing an old or corrupt script, if that doesn't help try disabling all your plugins to see if that does anything. What version of Chrome are you using?

To delete image enter into edit mode and then click each image to delete, you'll see a popup dialog in the bottom left corner and there will be a delete button there, click that and the page will refresh with the images gone.