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From Bleeding Cool

Wolverine/Black Cat: Claws III On Its Way From Joseph Michael Linsner, Maybe In 2015

Ian Melton writes from Wizard World Portland Comic Con,

I spoke briefly with Joseph Michael Linsner, first about his work on Conan about how Dark Horse approached him originally to be their cover artist to do something totally different than what Marvel had done with Conan before.

He also spoke about the Wolverine/Black Cat mini-series Claws from 2007 and Claws II from 2012 being his idea, that he and Jimmy Palmotti expanded since Linsner really wanted to do a story with Wolverine and Black Cat. And that for Claws II, the idea to bring Killraven and time travel into it was Palmotti’s idea since he knew what a fan Linsner was of those characters.

Claws III is on the way, probably next year at the earliest.

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I can't wait for Claws 3! I have 1 and 2, and I must say that Felicia and Logan make a great team. I wish they'd focus on them a bit more though before the action kicks in. It kind of happens too fast at the start of the story. But I enjoy it nonetheless.

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This is AWESOME news. Claws 1 & 2 just made me love this team/relationship. I wish it was acknowledged outside the mini-series some. I would love to see some Wolvie x Black Cat casual team-ups bleed into other ongoings :D