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So I had some money to burn and ended up buying the 52 trades. If you've read it then you know that one of the stories focused on Black Adam, how he slowly became a nation's leader and husband to Isis. Black Adam, though, ended up killing a lot of people (a LOT of people) and to stop him, Billy Batson, who was in control of the Rock of Eternity, changed his magic word. After I bought the trades I didn't know where to go from there so I ended up stopping. So considering that after 52 Black Adam was still able to change back to his super-powered persona, I just want to know if anyone knows what his new word was.

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"It's Morphin Time!" ???

Since the DCnU seems to have retconned a lot of his history ( he was a slave instead of a prince, his relationship to Billy, his being locked in a tomb instead of banished) I guess we will have to wait until he .....ugh....comes back to life and more of his story is given out.

Personally I hope he does have a new word of power initialism; instead of the traditional "S-H-A-Z-A-M!," preferably something like:

S-A-G-S-O-M! = Superman Ain't Got S*** On Me!

G-A-S-O-S-P! = Gimme ASolo Ongoing Series Please!

B-O-B-A-M-N! = Bet On Black Adam My Nizzle!

W-I-E-E-A-V! = Why Is Every Egyptian AVillain?!

S-E-I-Y-G-E! = Smoke Em If You Got Em!

.....but as long as he gets to crack Superman in the face from time to time it doesn't matter much to me.

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Pre-52, I think his word was changed to a type of pie. I'm really not that sure. I think I read somewhere that he was ordering food at a diner in human form, then while placing an order, accidentally transformed, realizing his word had been changed to the aforementioned type of pie.

I could be making that up though, I don't know.

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Curious as to this as well.

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He discovered it by accident in The Dark Age.

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He discovered it by accident in The Dark Age.

The expression on the face of the little kid next to him is priceless.