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Ive heard from on of my sources that Black Adam will fight both Superman And Captain Marvel in his first fight in the new DCnU. How powerful do you guys think adam will be compared to Pre DCnU Mainstream DCU?

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Honestly, I hope he's a ruthless multiple powerhouse-buster.

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@KnightRise said:

Honestly, I hope he's a ruthless multiple powerhouse-buster.

This I loved him in the Superman/Captain Marvel movie.

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I just hope he's still a BadAss MotherF*cker

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It be awesome if they didn't make him an outright villain.

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I hope he is someone who can fight both the JL and JLA by himself on equal terms; of course, not necessarily EASILY or anything, but, you know.

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I hope Adam is on par with, if not stronger than H'el. H'el looks like he's filling in Adam's spot.

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New 52 Black Adam and Captain Marvel both can do magic spells so they should easily beat up Superman and Wonder Woman.

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He has potential, I'm interested in a magic-based JLA villain. However, I'm not fond of the new Shazam