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Zoro & Sanji


Agent Venom, Ultimate Captain America, Gorgon, & Deathstroke


  • Morals On (Willing to work together)
  • Standard Gear
  • Zoro & Sanji no prep. Street level 10 mins strategy prep.
  • Balancing: Swords can't break each other. No Stone Stare.
  • Win by Death, KO, Incapacitation.
  • Starting distance 20 meters. No BFR


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Even though we have yet to see Zoro and Sanji's full power after the timeskip, I say they win here, some of the stuff they have shown is pretty incredible. Like Sanji kicking and instantly setting ablaze a creature so large it's face was up to the sky in Fishman Island (which is really high) and sending it flying, and Zoro cutting a huge kraken arm into 6 pieces instantaneously while he was in a bubble underwater (which hinders his movements because if he's not careful it would pop), Sanji running underwater at a depth of about 5000 meters underwater and kicking the crap out of the kraken grilling its arm with heat, zoro's sheer power creating a tornado that can slice steel and continued to spiral on for quite some time, and also in the picture shown above able to easily destroy a pacifista in one hit. They were superhuman easily before the timeskip and now they're just monsters, even if the stone stare was allowed Sanji has been turned to stone before a few times and he was fine :P.

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Team 1.

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Zoro & Sanji absolutely stomps

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Zorro and sanji are way stronger than any street level characters.

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Added 10 mins of strategy Street Level.

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I don't believe a mere 10 minutes of prep is gonna be all that helpful, the sum of their abilities is completely outclassed here by people who have yet to show their full capabilities at all. They have insane durability, strength, speed, and fighting styles unique to themselves, honestly I'd say Zoro could take them alone, it's that bad.

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Zoro stomps.