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No prep time

Battle takes place in abandoned city...

Gorrila Grodd - Retains his usual abilities such as telekenisis, heightened strength, etc.

Zoom - Retains his ability to slow down time around himself, thus attaining 'super speed'...

So, who wins?

In my opinion the match could go either way. Zoom, due to his abilities, may be able to gain the uperhand in this fight as he could slow down time to the extent that most of Gorilla Grodd's abilities are useless. However, Grodd may be able to take over Zoom's mind with his mental control ability as Zoom isn't technically moving at super speed.

What do you think?

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Zoom. Flash can beat Grodd. Zoom can destroy him.

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That's Professor Zoom picture.

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And either reverse Flash can punch a hole through Grodd's Brain.

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Zoom, by a mile.

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