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Zoom, Batman, Raiden, and Spiderman vs Flash (Barry Allan), Flash (Wally West), Joker, Penguin, Shao Kahn, Venom (Eddie Brock), and Doc Oc ALL CHARACTERS HAVE FULL INTENTION TO KILL THEIR ENEMIES TEAM 1 GETS 5 DAYS PREP TEAM 2 GETS 1 WEEK PREP WHO WINS?

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You have people good at prep in round 1 and you have the fastest and most powerful character in round 1 too, i dont see them losing.

The break person with prep in round 2 would probably be Joker, still dont answer how they are going to beat a guy whom at top speed they cant even see let alone tag him.

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I'm gonna go with Team 1, and as always, ZOOM SOLOS.

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Batman or Zoom solo's

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@Goku1fan said:

Batman or Zoom solo's

I really dont think Batman could solo, whats he going to do with only 5 days of prep against two character he cant even see at top speed.

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team 1..

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You people seem to be forgetting that Penguin is on team 2.

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Zoom solos. Including his team.

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zoom solos he can alter time so................