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Zod is abit harder then superman and would not hold back so I think it would be pretty intresting to have these Giant villians go head to head.

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superman beat him though, so maybe doomsday would win.

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Yeah but superman tricked him into the phantom Zone I dont think doomsday could do that.

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doomsday killed superman

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Actually, it wasn't true death, more like a dormant state. It was really Doomsday who was killed, but his evolution allows him to come back to life stronger than before. So, in their first meeting it was really Superman who was the stronger since he didn't actually die.

If you're talking about the current Doomsday, I would have to go with him vs. Zod. Since Doomsday has faced a Kryptonian before, I think he would have the upper hand against Zod. I know that Zod is ruthless and wouldn't hold back, but I don't think he's supposed to be as strong as Superman.

But, we have to take into account yet another recent retcon of Zod, so I really don't know much about this version yet. How strong is he? How intelligent is he? Just don't know yet.

Doomsday's not a mindless savage anymore either, so the scenario is completely different than when he and Kal-El first battled.

I think Doomsday's got Zod's number, but it might be close.

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could someone show me a pic of zod? cuase i don't know who he is.

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boken says:

"could someone show me a pic of zod? cuase i don't know who he is."

Didnt you see the second Superman movie? If you did the leader of the three Kryptonians is Zod.

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Doomsday. Zod isn't as strong as him, and even thought Zod's intelligence is higher then Doomsday's, Doomsday is like a bulldozer on insanely powerful steroids. Basically he can pummel through anything. Also, Doomsday has no stamina limit, I think Zod does. Doomsday will have him.


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Finnaly I agree with you.

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The Real Flash says:

"Finnaly I agree with you."

Thats nice.


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Nah, Zod's just as powerful as Superman, but he doesnt flinch at the thought of killing. Doomsday doesnt have any long range weapons, Zod could use freeze breath and toss him into the sun, or use heat vision and fry his brain. Of course Doomsday would come back, but he's not Wolverine, it would take a long time.

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as the pictures shown, you will 1st have to say which zod, which really plays a part,

the main org. zod, is just as strong, older, was a genral or whatnot, he does things and moves that superman, may not even consider...

the lame one whose needs red sun to be strong, broke superman jaw.

others are crosses of these 2 or a mix.

In the current legion of super heros, they a guy named jax; who seems to be a mock version of ZOD, who just as strong as superman, and does not seem to be affect by kypnoite.

in the current issues, superman fight the smart doomdays, and say"since he thinks he now understands pain and fear" 2 things he lack and understood as a salvage.

ZOD know how to make pain and use better than superman..most villian tend to,unless dark like batman..

i see zod beat the crap out of doomsdays.

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i'm voting for doomsday on this one...

as you know, once doomsday is killed or harmed by a specific 'weapon', he cannot be hurt by this again. this was shown in the second superman Vs Doomsday book, Hunter: prey.

Superman used a Sonic weapon to try and incapacitate doomsday, he closed up his ear cannals during the fight to render the weapon unusable...

using this as a basis for future conflicts we can take out the effects that doomsday is now immune to... these include heat vision, exposure to space, exposure to red sun radiation (he may have been born on Krypton, but different sun's have no effect on him) and others...

i'm not sure if Superman ever used his breath on doomsday, it seems likely that there was an effect like that used on him when he went up against the justice leage on seperate occasions... both of which led to the decimation of the justice league, he even took down the big guns (Wonder Woman, Bloodwynd, Guy Gurdner, Batman, plastic man, the flash... to name but a few.)

he is now impervious to pretty much every type of weapon, even the GL ring had no effect on him...

using this as a basis, i'm going to say he could take Zod appart quite easily... Zod may be the more intelligent of the two but doomsday has raw strength, immortality and evolution on his side...

coming down to the battles, even if Zod did win the first battle, he wouldn't win the second...

in the end, Doomsday will always win, against ANY foe...

to be honest, the only person out there that could give doomsday a good fight would be Lobo, and that would go on for eons... but in the end, doomsday would beat him as well...


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what about the android that from justicce league cartoon seris, that keeps evouling too? ( i forget its name, but i think it in the main dc comics?)

they both seem to have the same power, but the android, reach god levels.

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hmmm amazo...

possibility, i'm not quite sure if the android evolves, or just copes other powers that are used on him...

he get's the power's yes, but not the imagination to use the powers to their full extent... like he could get the flash's speed, but only be able to use it's basic ability...


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Im gald you know the name, i could not recall it for the life of me. Yeah he tends to be lame brain, "so to speak"

but he stills know how to fight and weild those powers,

thanks m

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i'm voting doomsday for the vattle vs Amazo as well...

Amazo is a cyborg, despite all the power copying he may be able to do he cannon outgrow his fundamental self, he is a cyborg...

using this as a basic, Doomsday could just battle him untill his energy reserves ran out, if he didn't just flat out destroy him with one punch... remember Doomsday has enough strength beding a punch to knock superman through several buildings, he can also withstand all known weapons in the DCU currently. Doomsday has no vital organs, no pulminary system... he is basically living rock...


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Hmmm Amazo vs Doomsday. Copying his powers, neither could win......

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i say doomsday for both, thanks alpha for jogging my memory. it's een a while since i saw any of the old movies.

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Doomsday would kill Zod.  Even though Zod is basically Superman not holding back... Doomsday will turn Zod into a Kryptonian Rag Doll
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I go with Doomsday and why the heck would someone pose an undecent pic?

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Doomsday no probs

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Another thread from 2 years ago with another mans Gizmo, was that like the craze on comicvine all the way back then :P

If a mod would delete that, not something anyone wants to wake up to or see