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Zealot Vs Spiderman

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Battle takes place in a subway station in New York

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From the way her page sounds, Zealot is not going to go down easy. She is as strong as Spider-Man, but more durable. She is always a much more skilled fired and uses swords, which could take Spider-Man out right away if she can hit him. I'm going to go with Spider-Man due to the fact that it didn't mention her having increased speed or reaction time at all, so Spidey should beable to run circles around her. His webs might beable to hold her, since usually an opponent has to be stronger than Spider-Man to break them and they are of equal strength.

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I agree that it would be easy but she can't hope to defeat Spiderman. He is to fast and strong for her. I know her training and experience is great but it would only get you so far with a more powerful opponent.

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Spider-Man would win... but Zealot will give him hell
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A hard fight for Spidey, but one that he'll win in the end.  He'll need the Night Nurse ASAP though.

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Good battle. I personally think Zealot could take Spiderman. With her training I believe she could and would move Spiderman into a position where he was exposed (just like Captain America did in Civil War). But instead of delivering a body shot like Cap, she'd deliver a kill shot.

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If he takes her seriously, I think Spider-Man has this. I think these comments are accurate though:

King Saturn said:
"Spider-Man would win... but Zealot will give him hell
Alexander Anderson said:
"A hard fight for Spidey, but one that he'll win in the end.  He'll need the Night Nurse ASAP though."

That was my first thought anyway. Zealot can take a ton of punishment and continue fighting (even before her quick healing kicks in). Spider-Man would have to lay down a lot more punishment than he's used to. Zealot would only have to out maneuver him (or get lucky) once. I think that's possible especially given her experience. She's got thousands of years of combat experience to draw on, but I'm thinking of Nemesis. She trained Nemesis into the warrior she is now and has fought her evenly on multiple occasions (when she was on her own and no longer Zealot's student). Nemesis' empathy functions in ways like the spider sense so it won't be completely foreign to Zealot and she has probably developed ways to overcome or work around it. If she can handle Spider-Man's speed she might take him.
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The Spidester

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I would give credit to sister Zealot. Her training and skills also matches her ability to gauge her opponent's strength and weaknesses and using this to her advantage.

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