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No doors for Midnighter

Death or KO

No Prep

100 Meters Distance

Main stream spider man with basic spidey powers no enhancements

This is the new 52 Death stroke(Slade)


Down town Turkey

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Good battle. I will think of a response later,

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Is this Wildstorm Zealot and Midnighter? Assuming it is.

Midnighter>Spider-man (Although Midnighter would eventually win due to Spider-man's morals Spider-man is more than capable of holding out a while).



Going by this I would give Team 1 a Majority. Spider-man is capable of holding his own against Midnighter. While its not a fight he can win with Morals On. Wildstorm Zealot would gut Deathstroke in a fight and going by what I've seen of Creeper he should take a majority against X-23. Midnighter would not be able to fight off both Zealot (who on her own gave him a good fight) and Creeper after having fought Spider-man.