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The cards have only gotten better since the time when Seto was on the show, so i'm siding with Zane in a duel. Even Obelisk the Tormentor most likely wouldn't give Seto the win. In a fight, i'd side with Seto, just cause he's way cooler then Zane.

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Honestly, I'd give both to Kaiba. Remember that usually the most recent version of a character is used and Kaiba did show up in GX so by proxy he also has some of the newer cards. 
In a duel, Zane focuses on his Cyber Dragon fusions and controling the field with advanced Cyber Dragon forms. Kaiba is more varied, focusing on power through his Blue Eyes (current Kaiba won't have Obelisk), control via Cruch Card, Doom Virus Cannon and the like, and using the opponents monsters against them with Soul Exchange, Enemy Controller, and Ring of Destruction  
Both have knowlage of the others skill, with Kaiba being famous and Zane having gone to Duel Academy, which Kaiba owns. I see Kaiba Crush Carding Zane, Zane bringing out Chimaratech Overdragon when his cards hit the grave via Overload Fusion, Kaiba stopping the attack, and the soul exchanging the huge monster and winning a few turns later due to Zane not having many (if any) monsters left in his deck. 
Or if Zane is being cocky like his dark form, he'll summon something big and Kaiba will win just using his famous Ring of Destruction and Ring of Defence combo, a combo Chazz once copied to win a four on one duel in One Turn.
As for a physical fight, Kaiba would be in his late twenties and Zane a teen, so unless Zane is amazing at hand to hand, Kaiba wins again. 
The only way I see Zane winning is if Kaiba uses the XYZ cards on him, which Zane could steal for Chimeratech Fortress Dragon, but since Kaiba knows what he's up against, he won't use them and he will win. 
If Zane brings his A game, the Duel will be epic, If he doesn't, Kaiba will thrash him. But either way Kaiba gets my vote. Not because he comes from the first series or anything, but his experiece dueling Yugi of all people, (even if Yugi wins most every time) he can handle himself. 
Were this season four Jaden vs Kaiba, Jaden would win that duel  (and possibly the fight if he can use his shadow powers...) but Kaiba can beat Zane. Be one heck of a duel, though only Dark Zane needs the physical beating from the second fight. 
Better end this here before I start rambling. Too late.