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Setting: A Bridge. 
- Zabuza has his sword and a few kunai knives. 
- Deathstroke has his standard sword and a few knives.  
- Zabuza is in feral mode. 
- DS is calm and collective. 
- No prep. 
- Winner by Death. 
Who wins?


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Zabuza should win

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Is Zabuza allowed to use jutsu? If not he dies.

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If by feral mode you mean the time when he is pin cushioned then DS wins

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@RumbleMan_Exe: Yes. 
@OmgOmgWtfWtf: Yes. 
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With jutsu Zabuza wins. EDIT: Wait, what? This is when Zabuza had been stabbed multiple times and couldn't use his arms? Uh, no arms means no jutsu, and that also means no sword. Spite in DS's favor.

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DS effortlessly.

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Fight could go either way, but I would have to side with Zabuza for the win because of his effectiveness with his water Jutsu and with Kubikiribōchō

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wait is this porcupine looking mouth Kunai Zabuza?