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No prep.

Full knowledge for both.

Chapter Black Arc Yusuke.


Winner by Death or KO.

Fight takes place in a large grassy field.

Who wins?

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Which part of the chapter black arc? At minimum he's a mountain buster with super speed (end of Dark Tournament arc/Start of Chapter Black), at the very end he's a full fledged demon who one shots a mountain buster in Sensui who, previously, tanked mountain buster level damage(literally completely unphased by Hiei's dragon, which is A class and well beyond mountain buster level damage).

I'm pretty sure Yusuke stomps. What's she hulk's best durability feat?

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@Dredeuced: To answer both your questions:

1. Start of Chapter Black.

2. From what i've heard, She-Hulk's durability is mountain level as well, and if IIRC she's even gone hand to hand with a few Class 100 characters (I.E. Hulk). Admittedly, it does sound a bit like PIS, but I personally believe it counts for something at least.

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I think Yusuke hits hard enough to seriously damage her (he's above mountain buster level when he beats Toguro) and he's most assuredly got the speed advantage, not to mention he's got serious regeneration feats after getting the spirit wave orb, I don't think She Hulk could put him down even if she could fight evenly.

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Yusuke win here at the level he is being used as.

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guy in my avatar

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Guy in his avatar

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And suddenly my intuiton and my wisdom grow, and then I know ...... that she hulk gets stomped.

Someone should catch this joke.

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Yusuke wins. He's way too fast.

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Interesting match, needs a bump lol