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All Batmans have 1 hour prep to select weapons and ships from their previous:

- comics, movies, and shows ranging from 2001 - Present

- The Batmans know your team the last 10 minutes.

Your allowed to pick 12 characters in limits of these companies but not limited to their alternate universes.

- Marvel

- DC

- Ben 10

- Street Fighter

- Naruto


7 of the characters you pick can't range higher than class 50 tons.

Characters cannot have matter manipulation, go intangible, multiply, Mind manipulation or planet busters.

Cannot Pick the flash, Superman, Thor, Dr. Manhatten, Bills, Martian Manhunter or character near or above them.


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Silver Surfer alone kills all of them, same for Thor and maybe Supes.

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Silver Surfer alone kills all of them, same for Thor and maybe Supes.

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Mr. Majestic,

Ben 10,000,

Action Comics 1 Superman


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New edit: I'm just trying to make this thread more creative

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I can do this with much fewer than 12 people and also lower on the power scale than the likes of Supes and SS.

1. Madison Jeffries

2. Calvin Rankin (Mimic)

3. Northstar

4. Multiple Man

5. Black Panther

6. Prodigy

7. John Constantine


Madison Jeffries is there to completely shut down and kill all their tech. Even stealing it if he feels like it.

Black Panther brings his own tech, strategies and his crazy high skills.

Prodigy copies the skills of the others in this group and of Batmen when they show up.

Multiple Man makes an army

Northstar is there for the tremendous speed.

Constantine is there for massive preptime and dealing with any wonky magic Batman may stuble across.

Mimic copies everything listed above.

So image 50 people, with Batman, Black Panther, and Constantine's skills, being able to think and act at the speed of light, while having complete control over all the tech on the battlefield.

Yeah, I win.

P.S. If it looks like it would be tough for any reason I throw in Kitty Pride and Colossus just to have invulnerability and phasing. Doubt it is needed though.

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Wally West & Zoom co-op.

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The Doctor with prep solo's.

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New Edit

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so 7 class 50 characters vs 10000 prepped batmen? i doubt i could could give an answer here. if we are allowed prep characters, ill go with doom and richards.

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Only one bloodlusted Sun-Amped Superman can kill them all

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Quicksilver, Superior Spiderman, Luke Cage, Black Canary, Ben 10(from ultimate alien), Iron Fist, Wolverine, Northstar, current Black Panther, Sebastian Shaw, Nightcrawler, Azazel

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Stan Lee solos

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Literally a stomp.

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Spirit bomb

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Mimic, Quicksilver, Fantomex, Madison Jeffries, Blink, Iceman

Mimic takes everyone else's powers, making him faster than bullets, capable of disabling any tool Batman has, and capable of casting impenetrable illusions that work through even TP immunity via Misdirection. Also he has Iceman's powers so he's practically invulnerable as his consciousness just reforms more mimics. I threw in Blink because teleporting is also op.

Ripped this strategy off esquire. Shame I couldn't use multiple man, but frankly, Iceman should be enough. Prep can't beat a guy who's merely floating consciousness that controls water and temperature.

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lol Naruto can actually solo.

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I'll show you how it's done!

My 12:

  1. Luke Cage (Marvel)
  2. Cyclops (Marvel)
  3. Elixer (Marvel)
  4. Sebastian Shaw (Marvel)
  5. Dazzler (Marvel)
  6. Black Bolts (Marvel)
  7. Sandman (Marvel)
  8. Ultimate Magneto (Marvel)
  9. The Creeper (DC)
  10. Captain Cold (DC)
  11. Heatwave (DC)
  12. Terra (DC)

I have several characters who have various degrees of sound manipulation. Black Bolts being top dog here, but also the Creeper. Add Dazzler to that, and we have a recipe for characters who could level an army pretty easily.

Ultimate Magneto can disable all of Batman's electronic devices with ease, without harming Captain Cold or Heatwave's tech.

Cyclops can take out huge amounts of Batman characters easily.

The Creeper's laugh will incapacitate any Batman who gets near him (and with their tech not working, melee is the only real option against my team)

They will all be nearly helpless against Sebastian Shaw and Luke Cage.

Sandman is also pretty much invincible here.

The rest are capable of taking out huge amounts of Batmen with each use of their power.

Thanks for reading,


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Iceman solos.

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In theory a single Batman could win this fight. Why?- Batman knows his strengths, weaknesses and the extent of his abilities with a knowledge more intimate than anyone else. In the end Batman himself is Batman's greatest and most crippling weakness.