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Make a combination of 2 superheroes/villains you would like to see together/opposed. Regardless of if they've been done before.

I have a few:

Thor + Wonder Woman

Thor + Storm

Batman + Wolverine

Rorscharch VS Batman

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Deadpool and Blade

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Darkseid and Thanos...scary.


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Deathstroke would make a great Spiderman villain.

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I just thought of this one...

Blob and Shithead

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Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier) + Ultimate Hawkeye

Jason Todd (Red Hood) + The Punisher

Deathstroke + Midnighter

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Silver Surfer and Captain Atom.

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@Petey_is_Spidey said:

Darkseid and Thanos...scary.


i agree

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Green Lantern/Mechanic

Storm/Captain America


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Out of continuity: Wolverine and Deathstroke. Jason Todd and Punisher. Spawn and Spider-Man. Batman and Black Panther. Superman and Silver Surfer.

In continuity: Emma and Scott. Superman and Batman. Bucky and Black Widow to name a few.

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Garrus and Shepard
Ken Ryu

Comic wise

Jubilee and X-23

Cap and Bucky

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Spider-Man and Nightwing.

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Emma Frost and Psylocke....oh wait, you mean TEAM up!

................Emma Frost and Psylocke, final answer :P.

Juggernaut (Classic or 8th Day) vs. Thanos (Post-Imperative) with Juggs protected from BFR

Thanos and Darkseid (Not Thanoseid, teamed up)

Deadpool and the Tick (Team up!)

Mister Majestic vs. Silver Surfer

Molecular Man (Classic) vs. Dark Phoenix

Doc Strange and Doc Fate (Team Up!)

Spawn and Ghost Rider (Team Up!)

Punisher vs. Joker

X-23 vs. Cassandra Cain

Solomon Grundy vs. Lobo (Strongest version of Grundy)

Franklin Richards and Jenny Quantrum (Team up or fight!)

Shang Chi and Nightwing (Team Up)

Thanks for reading,


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@daak1212: love the ken and ryu..

thought of some more myself...

legolas+ultimate hawkeye

ezio vs aragon

Master Chief VS Batman

Master Chief VS Cap

Superman + Thor

Thor vs Batman (just for fun)

Galactus + Thor (as herald)

Beta Ray Bill VS Hulk

Beta Ray Bill VS Superman

Ultimate Thor VS Beta Ray Bill VS Thunderstrike (i know i cheated)

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Cyborg/ Ironman

Steel/ War Machine

Nightwing/ Night thrasher

superman/ gladiator

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@Petey_is_Spidey: @Almighty_Darkseid said:

@Petey_is_Spidey said:

Darkseid and Thanos...scary.


i agree

they should make this a canon crossover major event. Take Thanos and his armies and clones. Combine that with Darkseid and Planet Apocalypse and you could have a dimensional crossover with special appearances by every body. and have Thanos and Darkseid genuinely working together. No backstabbing. awesome

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silver surfer + martian manhunter

ironman + blue beetle

spiderman + nightwing

x-23 + cassandra cain

clayface + sandman

green goblin + joker

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none of the thor one, but rorschach and batman is interesting, I want to see batman finally be owned!

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sirloin steak and mash potatoes FTW

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Anybody who thinks Rorschach has a chance against Batman need to stop trolling.


Silver Surfer vs Zoom

Jason Todd + Punisher

Nightwing + Daredevil

Captain America vs Deathstroke

Spiderman + Cassandra Cain

Iron Fist + Karate Kid

Black Panther + Blade

Ghost Rider & Spawn vs Mephisto

Daredevil vs Lady Shiva

Sandman + Clayface

Captain America vs Bane

Daredevil vs Deadshot

Ghost Rider vs The Darkness

Dr. Doom + Brainiac


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@cooljammy18: cap vs bane and silver surfer vszoom seem a tad lop sided, deliberate?

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Laura Kinney+Cassandra Cain

T'Challa+Steve Rodgers

Iron Fist+ KK





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@FourthDeity: i like the originality of batman and robin..seems like they might work well...

what about

Thor VS Spidey (for entertainment)

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Cap has the physical prowess and H2H capability to defeat him. Both combatants are tactical geniuses and have good fighting ability. Bane has the edge in strength on venom, but at a loss of skill in his base form. Cap can take both forms in a good fight imo. Bane, however, is a considerable threat with prep, which would make him a good villain.

SS himself can travel many times faster than the speed of light and enter the astral plane. I know Zoom is a time manipulator, but would that protect him from a cosmic attack on the astral level? Can you convince me otherwise? That's unless you meant lop-sided the other way around lol.

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@The_Thunderer: I know right? I always got that vibe from them.. know what I'm sayin?

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@The_Thunderer: I would have to say that Thor is not moral enough to work with spidey (Thor is way too arrogant) and spideys webs make him faster than Thor

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@troller_jr: make a thread...

what about

spidey+ deadpool

Martian Manhunter VS Thor

MM + Thor

Supes + Thor VS Flash + MM

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Troller + Thor

+ The_Thunderer VS Vance Astro

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Combo #4, burger, fries and a drink.

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@The_Thunderer: I am actually now in great gratitude to vance astro, so would never challenge his awesomeness

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Dr Doom and Mister Fantastic

Spiderman and Deadpool

Kaine and Venom (would be an awesome team up)

X-Force vs Secret Avengers (X-Force has a more beefed up squad for this encounter)


The Flash (Barry) and Green Lantern (Hal)

Yep, just them; don't need any others.

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Carl's Jr. double western bacon burger with fries and a drink.

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Fish and Chips...

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@The_Thunderer: Curry and Indian people

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insecure gayboys and gym

this gay is as in happy mods...

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@The_Thunderer: at least I am now a 240lbs bodybuilder, and you are also doing well at 205lbs, isn't that right, friend

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@troller: One nerdy 16 year old + his lies