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Let's say you're investigating some case of yours around New York, you find a pile of dead bodies in a roof top, then ------ arrives and thinks you're the killer (You'll understand that anybody has a good prep)

Ok Things you have to know:

  • Your character can have 3 powers, 3 weapons, an average knowledge about the opponent and all the fighting experience you want (Please state them)
  • Battles are till knock-out or dead depending the case (yours or theirs)
  • Morals are on
  • The battle is in rooftops, is a raining night
  • They have their respective weapons/experience
  • The battles are separated cases not continuous
  • Also they don't know about you, your powers, fighting style, weapons, Nothing, for them you're just other average assassin....

So finally here goes the big part: The opponents

  1. You vs Superboy
  2. You vs Daredevil
  3. You vs Captain Marvel (DC)
  4. You vs Flash (Wally West)
  5. You vs Punisher
  6. You vs Cyclops

And some bonus stuff, if you thinks you're so great for battle that "losers" try the next level.

  1. You vs Trinity
  2. You vs Avengers Prime (U know of whose I'm talking 'bout but just for doubts: Thor, Iron Man, Captain America)

Even I need time to think (and take a bath) so I'll post my case later

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Power to warp reality. Simply rewrite the laws of physics and your team no longer exists. I then use my powers to create a taco and go about my day.

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Was gonna use my old DC RPG character (my namesake - the 2312), but I would only be able to give DD, Punisher, Cyclops, Captain America, and Batman a fight. The rest would destroy me, unless I had a bit of prep against them.......even with my full armament of standard equipment.

Now I have to think and create something new......

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@AweSam said:

Power to warp reality. Simply rewrite the laws of physics and your team no longer exists. I then use my powers to create a taco and go about my day.

Can I haz taco too?

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1. the power to control my own time bubble :) (Zolomon)

2. Super Strength (Luke Cage)

3. Laser Eyes.

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@_Black: To celebrate my victory, everybody gets a taco!

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3 Powers: 
-Invulnerability (like Juggernaut) 
-Superhuman Speed (like Flash) 
-Superhuman Intelligence (like Deathstroke) 
3 weapons: 
-Captain America's shield. 
-Green Lightsaber.

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Was like any organization put into picking the opponents?

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@god_spawn said:

Was like any organization put into picking the opponents?

Nah I just pick up three of Marvel and three of DC and the teams are the 3 big guys of each company, was just a random idea

@AweSam said:

@_Black: To celebrate my victory, everybody gets a taco!

If they aren't made of buena carne somebody is going to get a whack *laser ray* I.. I'll be... o-ok with averageee meat

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@god_spawn said:

Was like any organization put into picking the opponents?

Yeah I'd have to say, I'd swap out the street levelers (maybe even cyclops) for powerhouses)

As for me


1 Dark Fire of Dark nebula

2. Organic steel make up of Citizen Steel

3. Ability to alter molecular density of Atom Smasher/Nuklon


1. Worlogog

2. Ring of life (really needs a page)


Fighting experience

The experience of John Constantine battling higher powers and in the art of confidence.

Now I can beat ANY list, since Citizen steel is vertually impervious and with Nuklon ability I can make him many times more so, Dark Nebula's dark fire i can fry a a planet full of Xavier level psionics, the worlogog gives me complete power over time, the ring of life gives me power over life and death, and Mjolnir over a lot of other natural forces. With Constatine who could con the presence, the Devil and everyone between, plus beat almost every demon in hell

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Power One: Mr. Majestic level Strength

Power Two: Zoom level Speed

Power Three: Mr. Majestic level Durability

Weapon One: Green Power Ring

Weapon Two: Infinity Gauntlet

Weapon Three: Mother Box

Fighting Experience: A Billion Years

I win.

(This battle could use some limits.)

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@Lady_Liberty said:

(This battle could use some limits.)

Most definitely. I was thinking IG too (plus Helmet of Nabu, Lucifer's trident) but thought it would be too much

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3 Powers-teleportation(Jumper),move through solid matter by disabling binding forces(Loa), can explode and reform(Nitro).

Weapons- Wrecker's crowbar

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My 3 Powers:

1. Gravity powers (Gravitron)

2. Tactile TK (Superboy)

3. Teleportation (Nightcrawler)

My 3 Weapons:

1. Green Lantern Ring (Kyle's Ring)

2. Iron Man's Bleeding Edge Armor

3. Batman's Utility Belt

My gravity powers would be the most helpful when dealing with the likes of Flash and Capt. Marvel. I assume even the Flash is susceptable to gravity. Tactile TK, a GL ring, and the Bleeding Edge Armor with not only amp my durability but also my attacks. As far as fighting experience goes, just give me the combined fighting experience of Batman, Capt. America, Wonder Woman, and Thor. I should easily breeze through the first 6. As for the rest of way...I maybe could pull it off.

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1. Magical Knowledge and Genius Intellect (Doctor Doom)

2. Telekinesis and Telepathy (Jean Grey)

3. Kryptonian Powers (Superman)


1. Mjolnir

2. Wonder Woman Lasso

3. Adamantium Sword

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I'll use an actuall OC I have. Amanda Beth Raynor.


1.She is Half Sayin, so super speed/strength but she doesn't train so its weaker than most, She's about as strong as Krillin at the start of DBZ.

2. Witch craft, She is an accomplished witch, She can fly on a broomstick and cast black magic.

3. Seduction, She is also half dears so she can see into a persons lust and exploit it.


Only one, Her magic broom which she uses to fly, As a staff for casting magic, as a club...

The broom respond to her thoughts and has limited shape shifting A few of her favorites are "Make the broom have a large battle axe head" and "Make the broom have poison tipped needles in the bristals"

She is highly trained in axe combat, so she uses the axe head power of her broom first most of the time.

I see it going like this,

Amanda B Raynor is flying along and sees the dead bodies. She lands so she can steal from their wallets, All of the sudden The Flash says "Its not nice to steal...er uh...even from dead people" The young lady turns and seeing his costume starts to laugh "I've already put them back" says flash

"Wha..what!?" She looks to see that her pockets are empty and the wallets are put back "How did...." She swings her broomstick at the man in the funny-looking red suit with an axe head materializing mid-swing only for flash to run behind her, leaving the witch to swing at the air, She tries again, same result, She blasts a few fire spells...same result.

Flash grabs her "I think your coming with me"

Amanda instantly starts playing the victim "What are you going to do to me?" She asks sounding genuinely frightened

For just a moment a sexual thought enters Wally's mind and Amanda use that to do/say the perfect thing to make The Flash sexually distracted for a few seconds....she used that to hop on her broom and fly away.

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vs Captain marvel or Superboy, same as above except My axe bounces off their skin....

vs Daredevil She realises he's blind and shoots poison tipped darts from the air

vs Punisher I say something but I'm cut short by him shooting me in the stomach I keel over 'almost' dropping to my knees and start swinging my broom-axe like a mad woman, chopping him to bits with half sayin speed/power.

vs Cyclops If he attacks me I'm knocked out and in jail for sure XD If he does not attack first I seduce and poison him before flying away.

vs Avengers prime I fly away as fast as I can XD

vs Trinity I smirk at their outfits, attack and break my unbreakable magic broom on superman's skin....right before I play the victum card...XD

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Well for my character I take:

- Power Cosmic

- Madrox's power

- Shang Shi fighting skills

And I think that this would be enough.

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Cartoon physics (comes with hyperspace)

Freestyle's precog

Wesley Gibson's kill aura

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  • Illusion Casting
  • Cloning
  • Phasing
I'll decide on some weapons later.
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Superboy Prime's Kryptonian Physiology
Zoom's Time Manipulation
Dormammu's Magic Manipulation
Green Lantern Power Ring
Creation Blades
Amulet of Agamotto
Batman One Million
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Ultimate Namor's Strength, Durability, Hydrokinesis. Neptune's Trident, Grass-Cutter Sword, Time Gem. 100+ years experience, ALL spent honing skills with abilities/items afore mentioned... I win!

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@AweSam said:

Power to warp reality. Simply rewrite the laws of physics and your team no longer exists. I then use my powers to create a taco and go about my day.

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Power 1: The Force

Power 2: Hercules like strength/ Durability

Power 3: Ability to communicate with all animals

Weapon 1: Orange Light Saber

Weapon 2: Blue Light Saber

Weapon 3: Green Lantern Ring

I think I just destroy!

Also, Power 3 is just for fun. ;)

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I'm just Albert Wesker with the cosmic cube.

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I pick Zoom's powers.