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The animated version of young justice clash against the animated version of graviton in avengers: EMH

young justice: nightwing, robin (tim drake), batgirl, wonder girl, superboy, miss martian, blue beetle, bumblebee, lagoon boy, beast boy, and impluse (I'm including impulse because I'm assuming he is part of the team now).

Gravtron stands alone

young justice has 30 minutes of prep

gravitron has 5 minutes of prep

morals off

random encounter

location: happy harbor


Who will win?

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With Prep .... the three bats and the beetle go in ... and go in relentlessly

Without prep Graviton might win ... he had a good run against the Avengers ...... and no one here is as strong as Hulk or can generate as much energy as Thor could ..... and Graviton's damage soak is insane .....

Without prep he wins .... but with it .... even thirty mins might not be enough for them .... but I will say that due to Nightwing's Bat-Factor ... along with Tim and Barbra's ...... they can formulate a plan and BB can arm the team with anti gravity gear .... they might take it ...

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all right all right, miss martian and blue beetle are gone now. No prep for EITHER INDIVIDUALS.

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Graviton stomps

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Sooo is MM in it or not? cause if she is, then she does indeed solo

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@The Stegman said:

Sooo is MM in it or not? cause if she is, then she does indeed solo
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Graviton wins, I guess.