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you vs the heavyweight champ

boxing match

you get 2 years of prep but he gets a week to train

can you beat him 1v1?

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Yeah, I buy a gun in the year and blow his kneecaps out

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Maybe depending on rules and location.

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A year is not enough to get big as this guy if you are already skinny. I've been working out for a while and I won't be as big as him for many years of working out, and not even close to as skilled, he is also 4 inch taller. However I could just use a gun?

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Wai!!!!!!! I'm an undersized America!. All I have to do is puch slabs of meat in a snowy cabin, run a bit to 80s pop-rock, drink a raw egg or two, and yell his name on a mountain top! Boom: 364 days later, I'm world champ.

If I were Italian, this would be a stomp.

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unless i have a gun this is not even a match......

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I get a year???

I stomp!

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lol we would all be destroyed. smh.

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No. And I'd never shoot him either so there goes that.

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In a Boxing match, not a chance.

In an open fight in an MMA ring or no rules at all... probably not, but maybe.

Getting in shape and things is not going to make up for the fact that he is 7 inches taller than me.

Reach is a good thing, ask Jon Jones.

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He hasn't specified the way to beat him so uh... Stomp via sedative and dressing up as large school girl

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@joewell said:

Yeah, I buy a gun in the year and blow his kneecaps out

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lol i forgot about this thread i edited so no gun its just you and your dukes

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with the right training montage i could win with extreme difficulty