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Joffrey [GOT] is in full plate armour, you have normal clothes and a single Ulak. Morals on, fight in a huge field.

Round1: Joffrey has Hearteater

Round 2: Joffrey has Widow's Wail

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@god_spawn Can this be moved to the battle forums?

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know krav maga and a lil bit kung-fu. besides that moron has no skills or experience of fighting, he couldn't even move in the armor.

me stomps i think, though got no battle experience either.

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I roflstomp him.

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I murderstomp and hold him upside down until he starts crying

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Not a big fan of Game of Thrones, what has this guy done in terms of fighting?

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Stomp. Literally stomp him to death.

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@juiceboks: He's really really good at accomplishing nothing in battle. I would just drag him to Sansa and let her do what she wishes.

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@rogueshadow: I offer him pie.

BTW you should check this out: http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/scale_super/3/32599/1336081-deadshot03031qt.jpg

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He doesn't exist. I win by default lol

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@bo88gdan said:

@bigcimmerian said:

I roflstomp him.

I ja isto

Moram 3 sezonu da gledam, mnogo me je nervirao Dzofri, retard mali -.-

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I'll murder stomp him.

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I wish I could beat him to death a thousand times over, I really do hope he gets what he deserves.

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Cen I get some prep time with a toolbox?

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I'm going to finish what the dark knight started....