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You have a beam like the one of Iron Man movies, it goes naturally from one of your hands, just one, and its unlimited, just like Cyclops beams

You cannot bring any other weapons to the fight, (and no , none of the cars has keys in it)

You have one week to prepare yourself, to face the Cyclops from the movies (yeah i thinks more fair like this)

The battle is on a parking lot, and once it started theres no chance to stop the fight

Just you and him, you fucked Jean so hes coming for you

Can you beat him (death, Ko whatever)

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I'll just mention jean grey and he'll probably kill himself. Laser beams help too

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I lose, but at least I had Jean before it ended.

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@deaditegonzo: xD

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I'll Explain Jean doesn't want him and thinks he and his Goggles suck. He'll Go into his usual depression. I'll play kind and help him suicide "oh poor boy, life is unfair, you should try after life" :)

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Deaditegonzo Said it best

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Yeah my ass is dead.

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He rips off his visor, I duck under the beam and run towards him doing all kinda crazy rolls and sht, until I get close, activate my Iron Man repulsor and uppercut him with a repulsor charged fist.

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@Tohoma: hahaha

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Honestly, if it's movie Summer, I think I could take this. I was thinking "WTF???" at first. No one is beating comic Summers with just a repular blaster and I'm pretty sure Summers would beat it gut and has more power. But I think I could take it 6/10. He never showed any real great feats minus when he was shooting targets with Jean.

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He kills me. Movies' Summers is not as strong as comic's but he's far more skillfull than me, and I'd have the problem of the recoil everytime I shot a single blast, and he would use this advantage to cut my head off easily

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Cyclops has much more practice and instant dimensional awareness so he is going to be a lot more accurate than me. At least I got to go out with a smile on my face, Cyclops stomps 15/10 time (not a mistype, he kills me twice in a few of these fights)