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She is trying to catch you to get you arrested, as she thinks your the shapeshifter responsible for making her lose her job, plus frame her crimes she never committed.You win by BFE (battiefield escape) incapacitation, or negotiation.You can have 3 friends, real people to help you. You don't have car keys and neither do they. You do have Mr. Freeze's freeze gun. One of your friends has a batman utility belt. Another has Ironman's repulsor glove. That's all you get.


Real name: Claire Guthrie (her story is ongoing in Ambition chap one fan fic, which leads up to her getting superpowers)

Personality: Pragmatic, to a fault at times. She will at times take on more than she can handle, especially when she get's emotional (in a negative way); as pouring herself into her work acts like a kind of tonic for her.


Temporary Invulnerability with Strength-This can be turned on at will, when she does it lasts a minute. It only takes 15 seconds to recharge once depleted. She can turn this ability on or off at will. It heals any wounds or sickness she has instantly. She is at least as strong as Hulk. This is the only power she has that depletes and requires a recharge. It is not uncommon for her to super jump for a quick flight speed boost (you will understand shortly).

Flight- She can fly at whatever speed her body is moving, which is normal human speeds if she is just running. It's great for getting onto roof tops. With a jet pack she could be almost like Superman.

Webbing-She can shoot it out her wrists like Toby Maguire's Spiderman.

Universal Magnetism-She can use her body as a magnet to stick to anything, even through her clothes. So unlike Spidey---she would just run up the wall with her shoes on.

Laser Fingers: Yes she can shoot lasers from her finger tips. She wouldn't kill unless she had no other choice though.

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I'll take my three friends most likely to be able to hotwire a car. Then I'll have two of them go at it using the tools in the utility belt. Since Claire has little superhuman speed, the Freeze gun and Repulsor Gauntlet should keep her at bay long enough to get a car working and abscond.

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Yeah...not a bad plan. It comes down to whether or not you and your carjacking friend can hide long enough. Cause if she finds you and your friends are guarding you---it will be over fast. Her lasers would burn through the ice sooner or later, and the repulsor would at best knock her on her butt, nothing more; at least while her invulnerability was up. So basically you would get away, and sooner or later she would come after you again. That's assuming she didn't just laser the cars tires away. Honestly, I think your best shot would be to negotiate. Simply because if somehow your friends managed to fight her for longer than 30 seconds, she could still laser just about every car wheel in sight preventing your escape. Remember---she's ticked off---just not gone killer.