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metal manupulation

personality alteration

Enhanced Durability

I think I could make it up to Martian Manhunter and Wonder Woman before dying a horrible death

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@agentxx: I know!! Cartoon Physics! I can do almost anything I want with that power. :)

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Get to last one and get stomped.

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1. Bubble Mimicry T.T why http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Bubble_Mimicry

2. Lightside View Okay this is a nice ability, perfect for plots but terrible for battles http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Lightside_View

3. Devic Physiology OKAY NOW I CAN KICK SOME ASS http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Devic_Physiology

My name will be Doctor Sabao, Holy Saint of Bubbles and dish washing.

My weapon will be gigantic Bubble wand.

I shall begin:


  1. Captain America and Daredevil CLEAR: I could easily beat them with my bubble powers. I quickly create a shroud of bubbles to hide my presence and confuse them. I create bubbles in their membranes and blood stream and they drop into a coma and then i kill them with acidic bubbles in their major organs.
  2. Wolverine and Sabertooth CLEAR: Harder than the previous two, its going to take more than bubbles to kill them, especially due to their healing factors. I first use my Lightside View to calm the too down because they will be in a vicious rage. I then use my Devic Physiology to control their evolution factors and turn off their healing factor. Wolverine would die, and saber tooth will be left vulnerable, I kill him via bubbles in his membrane like cap and devil
  3. Storm and Sue Storm CLEAR: Bubbles won't work here at all seeing storm and her weather manipulation and Sue's incredible shields. I render my self intangible and then use energy manipulation to break Sue's Force field and then set the atmosphere on fire killing the two.
  4. Ms.Marvel and Vision CLEAR: I take them on physically. I go straight for Ms. Marvel and end her and then blast Vision with energy with the same frequency as his intangible form
  5. Thor and Count Nefari CLEAR: I cause the sun to go supernova
  6. Martian Manhunter and Wonder Woman CLEAR: I grow to the size of a planet and thunder clap them
  7. Superman and Mr.Majestic CLEAR: I transmute the elements in the sun causing it burn red rendering super man powerless, i kill him. I transmute mr. majestic into gold.
  8. HoM Scarlet Witch and Adult Franklin Richards ????????????? HoM Scarlet witch is no problem but Adlut franklin richards? It would be a stalemate, but then again, Franklin can't kill me, i have absolute existence
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I get to round 5 before losing.

Despair Inducement, Electric Wave Physiology, Electrolysis

@Strider92 said:

I got:

http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Fire_Absorption :Fire Absorption

http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Self_Transcendence :Self Transcendence

http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Nether_Manipulation :Nether Manipulation

I have no clue what the last 2 do lol. I guess I get too round 4?

Lol no. You have the most powerful combination of ability to appear yet.

Self Transcendence= limitless potential and power

Nether Manipulation= Do you have any idea how fricking powerful that is? You are in control of death itself. You can control anything as long as it exists.

You clear the gauntlet and everyone else in the thread by blinking.

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Alteic Deity Physiology, Law Manipulation, and Shard Manipulation. Nice! At that level I could get to the final round but fall there. Their reality manipulation would be greater.

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1.Enhanced Marksmanship

2.Absolute Existence- i win.

3.Soul Reading

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@ChaosMarvel: Holy crap lol. I just finished reading everything Nether manipulation gives. Thats insane!

@Agent9149: Thats what I thought but after reading nether manipulation I don't think anyone in the gauntlet gives me much of a fight.

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Health Manipulator


Weapon Morph

Healing keeps me alive, and destabilization basically takes down any power

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Let's see...

Power 3 isn't really going to aid me all that much. Power 1 is likely to give me an edge against the street levellers, but my major heavy hitting power is number 2.

(Do boosts from your powers carry over to the next round?)

Round 1: Since I'm most likely to be angry here, I'm going to say my Hysteria Savant Syndrome mode is Hysteria Beserk. This excels me to

  • Peak Human Intelligence
  • Stronger Enhanced Reflexes
  • Stronger Enhance Marksmanship
  • Stronger Enhanced Combat
  • Anger Empowerment
  • Extrasensory Perception

This means I'm likely to start out the fight in the same ballpark in terms of skill and reflexes as Cap and Daredevil. My anger empowerment will increase my strength as the fight goes on as I get angrier (I really will), which should put me up to Cap's strength level pretty quick. I may unleash a blast of light using my Light Generation to blind Cap for a moment so I can quickly take him out, then take his shield at DD, learning his fighting style as the fight goes on, thanks to my Enhanced Combat. In addition, my Extrasensory Perception means that I'm likely to learn more about Cap and DD as the fight goes on. I should take this with little difficulty. Should I use my Science Manipulation, this will be a murderstomp

Round 2: Again, I'm in Hysteria Beserk: If my amp up from my Anger Empowerment carries over, I will start out at about Wolverine's strength level. The biggest problem I will have here is their HFs, but Logan and Creed are both known for their anger as well. My Anger Empowerment feeds off of that, and I get majorly amped in this round, taking it with little difficulty due to a huge strength advantage, and the fact that my reflexes should increase too. Science Manip will make this a stomp in my favour.

Round 3: See, this is where my Science Manipulation comes into play. It gifts me in general with

And in detail, I can use

And these types of Sciences

Formal Science

Natural Science

Physical Science

Life ScienceEdit

Humanistic ScienceEdit

These are likely to give me an edge over Storm and the Invisible Woman, and I should take this with minimum difficulty.

Round 4: Science Manipulation spam, with molecular manipulation, energy powers, physics powers, Absolute Existence, Knowledge Manipulation, Truth Manipulation and Nigh-Omniscience, I could easily take this.

All rounds following this, I just Science Manipulation spam, my massive plethora of power granting me wins in almost all of them. I probably stop at HoM Scarlet Witch and Adult Franklin Richards.

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Astrall Trapping

Meta Character Creation

Parachronal Cognition

I clear due to meat character creation

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1. Mythological Mimicry

2. Angelic Physiology

3. Banshee Physiology

I might clear this one...

Thanks for reading,


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I gots

  1. Spiritual Symbiosis - High end applications kick ass (Holy Ghostor 1/3 YHVH)
  2. Blattodea Physiology - Harder to kill
  3. Powered exoskeleton- High end applications kick ass (TTGL/start from lagann)
First will convert shape into something like this


  • Captain America and Daredevil
  • Wolverine and Sabertooth
  • Storm and Sue Storm
  • Ms.Marvel and Vision
  • Thor and Count Nefari
  • Martian Manhunter and Wonder Woman
  • Superman and Mr.Majestic

Godblast the sh!t out of them

  • HoM Scarlet Witch and Adult Franklin Richards
  • Classic Dr Fate and Classic Dr.Strange

Got for DBZ style beatdown


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Darkside View
The power to force a person to see the evil side of his/her own soul. Not to be confused with Penance Stare.

The user can utilize this ability to force a being to face their inner evil, either in a mental struggle or bring the victim's dark side into the world as a physical being. When a darkness is faced, they're arguably more powerful than the good half of the being. They're basically a physical manifestation of the being's past wrong doing, or current doing. They know the being like they know themselves, and that's a frightening thought. Victims are either corrupted, driven insane, or outright killed by the sensation of this ability.



  • Opponents with no evil in their hearts render this ability useless.
  • Opponents who are powered by evil will become even more dangerous.

Flash Precognition

The ability to see things seconds or minutes before they happen. A sub-power of Precognition.

User is able to see into short-term future, if usually only seconds or minutes worth. While useless for long predictions, it does give several practical advantages and is certainly better than nothing at all.


Magical Energy Manipulation

The user can manipulate a powerful source of energy with numerous purposes capable of performing magical feats.



#71 Posted by GrandSymbiote94 (11659 posts) - - Show Bio


  • Captain America and Daredevil
  • Wolverine and Sabertooth
  • Storm and Sue Storm
  • Ms.Marvel and Vision
  • Thor and Count Nefari
  • Martian Manhunter and Wonder Woman
  • Superman and Mr.Majestic
  • HoM Scarlet Witch and Adult Franklin Richards
  • Classic Dr Fate and Classic Dr.Strange

I stop at HoM I guess. I mean the Magic Manipulation is vague and I guess it depends on my skill level.

Well first off I'm going to stop time and clear it all the way too scarlet witch.

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So I can create invisible constructs, transmutate matter and destroy electronic stuff.

I stop at MM and WonderMan, I got no defenses against telepathic attacks :(

But I think that I can beat the first ones using transmutation to change them into stone or my miming powers to create bubles inside their brains or protect myself also from Susan's powers and my electronic disruption powers to kill Vision while he's intangible.

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Soul bound, Web creation and Druidic magic

Unless my soul bound wep gives me some sort of speed I get murdered

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Necrotic Empowerment

Peace Empowerment

Paint Manipulation

I lose to Cap & DD

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  • Telepathic abilities
  • Phoenix Force
  • Reality warping

I win :D

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Though choice of powers, at least the second and the third one can be useful if I mix them up. If I can take control of the first heroes and make them work for me I will proceed with that plan until Ms.Marvel and Vision, if Insanity Empowerment is able to make me in some way uber resistant to the punch of Ms. Marvel then maybe I will be able to control her and kill Vision with her, in the next battles I will try to take control of Thor, Count Nefari, Wonder Woman and Superman if I can do that then I will probably end against HoM Scarlet Witch and Adult Franklin Richards and proceed to get stomped by them (i don´t know if I can blitz them :P).

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Enhanced Interrogation, Memory Suppression, and Subatomic Manipulation.

With the last power I think I can probably make it to HoM Scarlet Witch and Adult Franklin Richards, though I'm not sure if I could pass it. Unless I could suppress their memories of them having any powers whatsoever or how to use them, making my job easier.

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Subatomic manipulation

Adaptive Resurrection

Absolute Speed

Holy shit I am powerful

  • Captain America and Daredevil - I win ;]
  • Wolverine and Sabertooth - And Again, I win.
  • Storm and Sue Storm - I win.
  • Ms.Marvel and Vision - I win.
  • Thor and Count Nefari - I win.
  • Martian Manhunter and Wonder Woman - I win.
  • Superman and Mr.Majestic - I win.
  • HoM Scarlet Witch and Adult Franklin Richards - I could win. In the long term I definitely win
  • Classic Dr Fate and Classic Dr.Strange - I could win. I definitely win in the long term.
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bubble Breathe

Tortoise Physiology

Imp Physiology

I solo win Bubblebeam. @#$%'s OP

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Okay I got

  • Despair Embodiment: Users become the living embodiment of despair and gain the ability feed off of the despair of everyone and everything including themselves. Users can convert despair into energy and use it as a full source to extend their own life span or as a weapon. They may never age and may be immune to death unless certain conditions are met.
  • Rule Bending: The user can bend physical laws to grant themselves superhuman abilities. Such an ability would allow a being of normally frail stature to have extraordinary strength and speed as a result of being able to bend the physical laws of reality. This ability can be gained from Spatial Tuning or by various other spacial powers.
  • Belief Warping: The user can warp the fabric of reality according to their beliefs. If they believed they were super strong and/or super fast, they would become so. If they firmly believed in fairy-tales and mythic creatures, the tales and creatures would come to life, as well as mimicking them if they believe that they can do what the creature can do. Essentially, the user can become able to achieve nearly anything if they believe it.

I think with this set I can clear pretty handily.

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I got two crap powers and one awesome one.

1. nature infusion(WTF is this?)

2. melt stuff on touch(not that cool)

3. reflection powers(just like mirror master)

I can win this.

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sonic scream

temporal entity physiology

self liquification

my second power should get me to the 2nd to last round or the last round but i dont know if i can beat classic fate and and classic strange especially if they are blood lusted (which they are)

#87 Posted by kidman560 (7577 posts) - - Show Bio

you have got to be kidding me i got the power game over when i clicked it again


The user has great power to bring a truly apocalyptic game over to reality, the universe, omniverse or even Totality

I think i could beat anyone you can imagine with this

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- Composite Deity Physiology

- Concussive Beams

- Matter creation

Depending on who I can pull from for the composite deity physiology it is possible to clear but I'd say I lose against Classic Dr. Strange and Classic Dr. Fate.

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sword arm so i can make blades out of my hands energy negation so i can negate any form of energy even life force and weapon manipulation i can summon manipulate and use any weapon well it shure wont be easy the first couple rounds i win with moderate difficulty but id also pick up catain americas sheild along the way. id have to negate miss martians life force snd kill her that way then when vision goes tangeble ill just cleave him down the middle afterf that i tave it by using thors hammer which i can use to perfect profeciency

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Got human manipulation,

Super strength


I think I stop at supes team

Because of mr.majestic

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1. Aqua empathy

2. Umbrakinetic Wing generation aka wings made of darkness

3. Nigh Omnipresence

Stalemate most of these since I can't be killed really b/c of the last power, Scarlet Witch and Franklin may be able to do something though.....

Everyone else, I don't know, i just let them miss me forever until they get tired?

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Blindness Inducement

Absolute Speed

Doubt Embodiment

I'm the living embodiment of doubt and can instill this in others while also having the ability to make my foes blind. I'm also moving at crazy fast speeds.

I THINK I could clear this since the Embodiment of Doubt is only killed if certain situations are met. I'm sure I can just make everyone feel like they're not able to defeat me and then I blitz the dickens out of them.

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I clear. Life energy balls will destroy the first few, my electrical aura will fry the weaker ones who get close, and then, when I meet an actual challenge, I use the ability to erase any and all mistakes I make. Best. Power. Ever.

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  1. Enhanced power absorption - The user can steal the powers of others and augment them to be better than the original user.
  2. Cosmic beam emission - The user can emit beams of cosmic energy with enough power to destroy entire planets and other varying effects.
  3. Explosion manipulation - The ability to create, control, manipulate explosions

So that means I can get through every single round. I absorb every single person's powers and then augument them to be better then the person who first had them. From the beginning I can easily destroy captain america and daredevil by blasting them with cosmic beams or spamming a bunch of explosions and then go on to the next pair. I then use my cosmic beams, explosions and extreme h2h skills (that have been improved) to take wolverines healing factor and skills and move on to the next pair.

Coupled with the augmented healing factor of both sabre tooth and wolverine and blasts I can then take down both the storm's with difficulty. Using invisible womans bubbles i create them from within both vision and ms marvel's bodies and expand. Vision is gonna take some difficulty with his intangibility but he's gonna come tangible sometime, and when he does I can attack him with all my beams, explosions, improved weather manipulation and bubbles as well as being invisible.

Now I have ms marvel's powers improved meaning I have superman speed, strength, durability as well as energy absorption + manipulation (since I can augment her powers) as well as an extreme healing factor, the greatest h2h skill ever, bubbles and weather manipulation (that have all been improved greatly). Unfortunately I can't get the visions powers cause he's a robot. But I can still take down thor and count nefaria with only moderate difficulty. Now I have their strength, speed, durability improved as well as my other powers. I proceed through the next rounds with ease and get the friggin martian manhunters powers improved as well.

Franklin Richards and Scarlet Witch are too slow to reality warp me so I take them down as well. Now that I have their reality warping powers augmented I can then take on strange and fate easily. I clear the gauntlet.

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I'm going again!

Jet Propulsion- I'm a rocket man. Cool.

Life Absorption- This should be really useful depending on the stats it improves.

Metal ball projection- Well, okay then...

I rocket into Daredevil and Captain America and suck them dry. After a few moments of draining on America, neither will be able to fight me off.

With Wolverine and Sabertooth, I'll fire off some metal balls at Saber to break a few limbs and keep him busy, then rocket in and pull him up and out of reach of Wolverine. I'll finish him off before he can recover and, with luck, overpower and drain Wolverine with his strength.

I think Storm and Sue murder me hard. I really have nothing they can't stop, and I'll likely just break my neck ramming into one of Sue's shields with my rockets.

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impact absorption

cosmic awareness

genesis creation

no way to defend against psi think mm takes me out

tho posable clear with cosimic awareness and genisis creation combo by bfr myself and sending creations to fight for me if thats allowed i clear

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Hellfire Infusion - can infuse things with ultra hot mystical fire

Cardiology Manipulation - stop their hearts, improve mine

Alcohol Empowerment - enhance oneself if one is drinking

Am I allowed to drink before each round?

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http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Dark_Fire_Manipulation/Gallery (i actually rerolled because i got http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Draenei_Physiology but how is that a power? Draenei can heal themselves but i already have regen)

Actually i take it back, Turning into a Draenei means i could be a Lich King and raise the Undead...

Holy shit im a God that can raise the dead and heal himself... Niiiiiiice....

I actually win and go toe to toe with Dr.Fate and Strange. But how could they defeat a god that heals himself and raise the dead?

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Urban Empowerment: City-type places make me strong

Technological Assimilation: I can make machines a part of me.



I think I will coast.