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You are a Colonial Marine, you and your squad go to an ice planet that has only resently been colinized that has lost all contact and there is valuable information that you must collect. 
 You have 10000 points to spend on


Rank: (The higher your rank the more your fellow marines will listen to you and follow your orders) 
3000- Captain 
2000- Lieutenant      
Number of soldiers: 
All marines will be equipt with Pulse Rifles, 3 grenades, Pistol, Motion Tracker, flashlight,com-link
4000- Sentry gun 3000- Medical kit (Stims, bandages ect) 
1000- M42C Scoped Rifle (can see though walls, and clocked Predators)  
800-M260B Flamethrower
700-M59/B Smartgun
600-Hacking Device (can hack 3x faster than normal) 
200-ZX-76 Shotgun
 200-(3) stims 
-You get dropped 3 hours away from the base in an APC (10 Soldiers fit into 1 APC so if you have 50 soldiers you'll have to have 5 APCs) 
-2 hours into your journey you'll be attacked by 4 Aliens (they'll jump on your APC) 
-they're are 8 doors that need haking inside the base 1 in the enterence, 1 in the elevator, 1 for every armory\med bay (3 stationed thoughout area), on stantioned in the panic room and 2 in the control room 
-there are 3 med bays\armory spread thoughout the area. you can only spend 1 hour in there at the most 
-In the panic room there are 7 survivors and 2 of them have a face hugger in them. 
-the Queen in in the control room (at the bottom of the base) 
-there is 6 floors between you and the Queen. 
-the information you need is in the control room. 
-In 8 hours, even if you are not out of the base, the planet will be nuked and you will die.  
-A transport will be waiting for you when you've picked up the data
-The Weyland-Yutani Corpwill give you a choice after you've got the data and you've been picked up and it is.  
-Assume the Data is some formular to eradicate the Xenomorph completly or can control them.
A) Give the Data too Weland-Yutani and be removed from the Corps and given billions of dollars and a large section of whatever planet you want as your own or your own luxary space station 
B) Give the Data to some seperate science team working on trying to rid the world of the Xenomorphs 
C) Destroy the Data so no one can get it.
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I'll choose this: 
2000- Lieutenant 
3000-30 soldiers  
4000- Sentry gun         
600-Hacking Device (can hack 3x faster than normal) 
200-ZX-76 Shotgun (mine)
200-(3) stims  
I'll get the survivors out first, and send all my soldiers out with them and get them to give me all of hteir grenades. So it's just me, a few hundred Xenomorphs and the Queen. I'll but the Hacker to open the back exit while I set up then, I'll get the Sentry turret to cover me while I get the data. then I'll get, I'll just throw ALL of my grenades at the Queen then run like hell! Once I get me and my team to saftey I'll give the data to Weyland-Yutani and live the rest of my life happy!    
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Aliens always win i'd just off myself lol just to skip the pain ...

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@HellionVulcan:  Rookie (AVP3) managed to survive nearly all by himself.
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@ComicStooge: In my opinion the average colonial marine should take like 5 xenomorphs.