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An all out battle, Batman has only received partial training, as he is yet to go back and complete it but is he is at peak conditioning. Takes place on a deserted jungle island, The first battle both are exhausted as water is scarce and food is limited.

Round 1 No Prep - Random encounter - weapons on the island include swords (4) and daggers (2)

Round 2 - 3 days Prep - weapons include swords, daggers, bow and arrows (1) and flash and smoke grenades (5 of each)

Who would win this and why????


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I wold go for batman Round 1, because he has far superior hand to hand combat than Yao, and an inherent quality to improvise.

However, For Round 2 I would lean towards Yao, given that he will have had time to prepare for a strong ranged attack, however, Batman would be better suited to the use of grenades so his victory would be slim.

Overall, I would go for Batman though, as he destroys round 1 and has the chance to do really well round 2.

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Batman without all of his training isn't Batman, you would hav been better off saying batman year one he would have more of a chance. He might be able to do some damage but I think h loses out round 1 and they might kill eachother round 2

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Yao Fei wins both rounds but it's close

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  1. Yaoi Fei
  2. PrepGod Batman