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Hey so i dont think ive seen this fight before. And i think its a pretty even fight, so I'm going to run a few scenarios and you can argue for each round.

Round 1:

Battle takes place in New York City. Xavin is given 1 day prep( no help from the runaways during prep) and some basic knowledge on her target. The fight is either through K.O or BFR. Morals are on.

Round 2: they are in a middle of a corn field. Static gets a day or prep and some basic knowledge on his enemy but no help from any of his allies( such as gear) when he is doing his prep. Morals on. Fight is K.O or BFR.

Third Round:

In a empty warehouse. Both are bloodlusted. Fight is to death, there is some machinery within the warehouse.

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Is it okay if i bump this?

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Good battle. I may have to edge it out to Vergil. Xavin isnt as adept with her powers as other super skrulls if I remember correctly.

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@juiceboks: thanks. Indeed she isnt as well trained ass the other skrulls and can still only use one. powerset at a time So vergil does have advantages in that department.

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well since he can only use one power at a time effectively.. it would probably be virgil

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@hyperlight: after doing some research she was able to use all her powers once. But it was when she was angry, so prehaps that could come to use in the bloodlusted match up.

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@shadowx: true.. i think he could take virgil in the warehouse. the other two static will probably win

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What is Xavin capable of?

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@joygirl: xavin is an in traine super skrull, giving her skrull physiology( the ability to manipulate and shape shift her body. She can even shift major organs to protect them from gunfire) as well as the ability to use the powers of the fantastic four. However unlike more well trained super skrulls she is still not an expert on these abilities and can only use them one at a time. Although she can still be a dorsimable foe. She also has some skrull military training due to being a super skrull trainie.

The fantatsic four powers give her super strength and durbaility like The Thing.

The ability to fly and shoot flames like the human torch

The ability to stretch and manipulate her body like mr. Fantastic

And the ability to turn invisible and create force fields like the inviaible woman

But like i said she can only use one of thosse powersets at a time Due to not being fully trained. Unless she is angry.

During the marvel civil war her neck was broken by Mavel Boy bit she was able to heal from it.

Shes also fought off other skrulls. She also fought against hulkling but i dont know the results of the fight. I can't really find scans but they are in the comicvine wiki

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@shadowx: I'll give it to her in a really hard fight I think. Virgil has a lot of raw power and experience but I think, with that level of power/versatility, she can handle it.

Then again, what do I know. :3

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@joygirl: i tried to make the fight as even as possible but my thoughts are that Static wins the first match. Bu xavin wins the next two. Although all three are really tough fights for both.