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Cyclops, Magneto, Wolverine,Northstar, Danger, Magik,Namor, Storm, Colossus(juggs) Emma Frost, X-Man,Rogue, Domino and Iceman


Solomon Grundy,Cheetah and Brainiac


Superman, Wonder Woman, Hal Jordan, Aquaman, Flash, Green Arrow, Batman, Cyborg, Big Barda,Hawkgirl,7 and Black Canary


Vulcan,Apocalypse. and Exodus

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jla easily.

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i dont give to craps about round one. vulcan is in round 2.

pretty sure vulcan has better feats the apocalypse. idk enough about exodus to comment.. but with vulcan sups takes him down ww probably could as well. every body else vulcan destroys as far as i know.

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First round goes to marvel. Iceman freezes the threesome followed by Magneto ripping them apart at an atomic level via age of apocalypse finale when he was depowered and still able to rip apocalypse apart on an atomic level after being beaten on. Round 2, Marvel again. Superman does like he always does and charges in first going after Apocalypse with a wild haymaker like he almsot always does. Although this probably renders Apocalypse out of the fight it allowed Exodus to take mental control over the entire JLA team supes included. Exodus was able to hold Xavier, Jean Grey, Scarlet Witch, most of the xmen and avengers at the same time in thrall via telepathy. Vulcan is then free to dispose of them however he sees fit.